Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Directors Meeting – August 12th, 2001

Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Graham Ginsberg

                      Pierre Gratton

                      Maurice Viau

                      Bill Munn

                      Rheal Proulx

                      Gilles Valiquette

                       Jim Edwards


New Directors: Dan Proulx

                       Cameron Lyon


Call to order


New directors,  Dan Proulx and Cameron Lyon were welcomed.


Dave Wiskowski and Aaron Guertin have also been asked to join. Dave Wiskowski attended and accepted.


All the new directors were approved.


President’s Report


Graham to contact the Provincial Association concerning details of the Jamboree as very few details given.


He has received discount cards from Speedy Muffler with a percentage of sales going back to the association. He was unsure how to distribute these cards to the leagues and will make sure additional cards are ordered to give all members a card.


He has started drafting a letter for the newsletter.


Bill Munn will be the tournament director.

Secretaries Report



Moe advised ABC re: Cornwall and the response is that we cannot remove Cornwall from our association until they either form their own association or are taken over by another association such as Kingston. However, no one wants them.

We have received no response from Cornwall including their stats. , However, there is a new management there now and we will try one more time to enroll members.


The Audit Committee has received all the necessary papers from last year.


It was decided to use the bowling association e-mail addresses instead of our own personal ones.


Treasures Report


A Daily Journal was passed out.


The bank is now charging $5.00 per month as a service fee. Moe will check around for alternatives with no fee.


It was decided to open an American account as heavy charges are applied to convert the currency.


Moe has ordered extra Leader’s Handbooks at a cost of $2.00 per book, but needs a cheque first. It was agreed to send a money order to get the books.


Old Business


Women’s 40th Anniversary


They are looking into a banquet. Should we offer a gift?


A $500 budget was allotted.  Jim & Moe to search for suitable gifts.


Secretary’s Handbook & Kits


Graham has put together a handbook.


Moe went through the ABC/WIBC kit.


Audit Committee


Moe has received a box from Owen Labelle with all his documents. Graham, Pierre and Moe will get together and review the material.


New Business


Committee Structure


We discussed various committees:


Finance & Budget Committee


Responsible for Fundraising, Budgets, Monitoring and Recommendations


Chairman: Moe Viau

Members: Rheal Proulx, Dave Wiskowski


Tournament/Events Committee


Responsible for the “Sport” side of the house, Annual Tournament, and other events, ideas and tournaments


Chairman: Bill Munn

Members: Dan Proulx, Pierre Gratton, Gilles Valiquette


PR Committee


Responsible for the Newsletter, Web Site, Golf Tournament, ACT, Awards and any other PR


Chairman: Jim Edwards

Members: Cameron Lyon, Bill Munn, Pierre Gratton, Dan Proulx, Gilles Valiquette


Lane Inspection Committee


Responsible for inspecting the lanes at all houses.


The lanes at McArthur and Aylmer have already been inspected.


Volunteers: Cameron Lyon, Dave Wiskowski, Gilles Valiquette as back up


Association Representatives


Directors were appointed for various leagues. They are to be a liaison between the leagues and the association.


Director’s Name Tags


Graham showed us a sample nametag. Bill Munn to come up with some examples. Should include logo and photos.


Photographs of all directors will be displayed on the web site.


Graham will contact all the houses and see if they will permit us to display photographs of all the directors.


Insurance policy


It was agreed to proceed with the Comprehensive Liability Policy. The policy should cover YABA. YABA should pay pro-rated cost of policy. Bill Munn to handle.


Meeting with leagues for kits


It is the secretary’s duty to get the kits to the leagues. In the past, we have set aside a day to meet, but there has been a low turnout and some kits were mislaid.


This year, Moe will set up a night with the WIBC association to distribute the kits to the leagues and will e-mail us with the date and time.


Other Business


Graham to talk to McArthur to see if bowler’s scores can be copied to a disk and then downloaded to the ABC web site to allow any bowler to check his/her score online.


The ABC rings sent to members have put values on them. Unfortunately, Customs & Revenue then puts a duty on them, which members have to pay to obtain their rings.


Should the Association pay these duties?


The only issue is the gold rings as the silver rings are not subject to a duty. However, the normal ring is silver, and members can request gold rings, but then are subject to duty.


Why did some gold rings cause a duty and some not?


The new manufacturer of these rings must put a value on them for insurance purposes.


Moe to contact ABC to find out their decision, especially with the 900 Series Award, which comes only in gold. Do they pay the duty on this award?


Motion to adjourn by Gilles, Jim seconded, all approved.


Meeting adjourned.