Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Directors Meeting – December 2nd, 2001

Meeting Minutes



Attendance: Graham Ginsberg

                    Maurice Viau

                    Pierre Gratton

                    Rheal Proulx

                    Bill Munn

                    Cameron Lyons

                    Gilles Valiquette


Absent with reason: Dan Proulx, Jim Edwards, Dave Wiskowski


9:08 – call to order


Review of Agenda


Leave as is. Add committee structure and memorial to new business.


Review of previous minutes


Re-phrase to meeting adjourned.


Executive Reports


Presidents Report


Little to report. Graham expressed thanks to all for the tournament, especially Moe and Pierre. Was disappointed that the banquet was cancelled. The banquet was cancelled by the women’s association. Unfortunately, we had to go along with their decision. There was no discussion beforehand.


Vice-Presidents Report


Gilles stated that he had heard the opposite about the banquet – he had heard that it was cancelled due to lack of interest from the men’s association. He had also heard a few complaints that the tournament was not promoted.


Secretaries Report


All bowlers are receiving the magazines.


There are 602 bowlers in the Association – down from last year by approx 50.


Moe has sent all directors a list of awards. We should verify with the presidents of all the leagues that they are checking their treasurer’s books and that their secretaries are submitting awards to ABC/WIBC.


Gerry Brown, the manager of McArthur Lanes was supposed to be here to meet the directors and update us on McArthur Lanes – has not shown up.


Moe has received a receipt for payment to CTF and for Liability Insurance.


The trophies are ready for the annual awards.


Treasurers Report


Moe has sent all directors an updated budget – reviewed by all present.


Committee Reports


Tournament& Banquet


Bill thanked all the directors for their help with the tournament.


He felt the tournament did not succeed for three reasons,


1.       The tournament was seen by many as a tournament for elite bowlers only. However, the truth was far from that. With his first entry this year, he enjoyed it and with the handicap format, felt it was easy for the average bowler to get a good score.

2.     Multiple Entries. This was the real problem. Most regular bowlers felt that there was little point in entering when the good bowlers could re-enter time and time again until they got a good score. This was especially evident in the singles and doubles. We need to change this format next year, perhaps multiple entries for scratch, only one entry for handicap.

3.     The date. It seemed to be too early to hold such an important tournament. There was not enough time to prepare and promote. The other leagues were too busy setting up their own schedules. Perhaps we should have held this tournament in February/March with a couple of fun tournaments before to get people interested.


As regards the banquet, it was seen as linked to the tournament with the same impressions. Perhaps next year we could incorporate the banquet tickets with the registration of the tournament (if you register for the tournament, you get a banquet ticket free). That way we could get a good turnout for the banquet.


The bigger issue was lack of knowledge of who we are and what we do. Bill wears his name tag every Monday night, and is asked what it is – most have never heard of the association.


Most bowlers now only deal with their local secretary and as ABC/WIBC are now sending their cards directly to the bowlers, our importance is diminishing


We need to start PR – newsletter, promotional activities etc.



Continuation of minutes for the meeting of December 2, 2001


Committee Reports;


2- Newsletter:

In an email sent to Graham, Dan expresses that he would like to continue in drafting the newsletter.  He would like all those who have anything to change or add to please sent it to him a.s.a.p. So that he can finalize a copy to be edited by Graham.


3-Lane Inspection:

Cameron stated that the 32 lanes at McArthur were almost ready for a full inspection.

Moe as talked with Gerry to see when the committee would be able to do an inspection.

Gerry is to notify either Cameron or Moe.

ABC certification as called Moe asking on a progress report and will contact them as soon as inspection is done.


4-Web Page:

Pierre as posted the results of the Annual Tournament with the prize list.

Awards Application for local and ABC should be available on the site shortly.

Update of Awards so far this year will also be available.


5-ACT Awards:

Cameron need imput on nomination for this award.  He also told us that he intend to submit a nomination for team of the year award.  Gilles and other requested a guideline for nomination so that they could submit bowlers to Cam.



Owen has supplied us with a list of up to date awards given.  Moe read it out, too many to included in minutes.  Award list will be available on Web site. Our award coordinator is now on the WinLabs program.  You will be able to go to  (ABC) and see all the awards given in our association.


7-Public Relation/ Fundraising:

 Dan expresses his interest on continuing to be part of both.  Need others to be involved, we need someone with experience.  Graham suggested we go and get someone else than a director who has this expertise.  Gilles V.  volunteered to chair committee.

Dan also noted that restaurant are offering incentive to us by giving association  a cash bonus after a certain amount is spent in their establishment by our bowlers.  Should be looked into.


8-CTF and Provincial Tourn

Cameron is interested in hosting a CTF qualifier.  Graham will contact CTF for information needed.

Provincial tournament is in Toronto and Graham will be looking at the possibility of organizing a group to attend the tournament.


Old Business


·        Speedy Muffler Discount cards were handed out to directors who will pass them to bowlers in their leagues.

·        Directors pictures:  Graham as yet to meet with manager of McArthur to discuss possibility.  Hopes to meet him next week.

·        Missing Directors: no one coming forward to volunteer.  A suggestion was made that Yves Fréchette could be interested.

·        MailBox is still ongoing.  With the strike and tournament, Moe as not pursued it further.  Rheal has offered to make one.  Rheal and Moe will speak with Gerry on restriction.

·        40th CDWTBA Anniversary is on March 16, 2002, at Lakeside Gardens.  It will be a “MURDER MYSTERY DINNER. “ Tickets will be on sale soon



New Business


Committee Structures need to be look at.  Graham will come up with an answer for next meeting


Gilles had talks with the Les Vaughan family on honoring him with a memorial trophy.

It would be for a “Contribution to the Sport Of Bowling” award.  Gilles will draw up criteria for nomination.


Life Members

Moe suggest we honor Adolph Hilgendorf with a Lifetime Membership.  To look at criteria for Life Mem.  And submitted at next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned.