Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association
Directors Meeting July 8th, 2001
Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Graham Ginsberg
Pierre Gratton
Maurice Viau
Bill Munn
Rheal Proulx
Gilles Valiquette
Jim Edwards

Call to order

Normal agenda moved to next meeting.

Reviewed Graham brainstorming ideas.

Brainstorming Session.

What is our purpose?


Sanctions & Memberships Moe Viau

Lane Inspection All Directors

Awards Jim Edwards

Annual Tournament Bill Munn & Jim Edwards

Enforcement of ABC Rules Graham Ginsberg, Moe Viau & Board of Directors

Banquet Open

Represent the Bowler

. We need to reorganize the agenda each month to focus on the important issues first.


Due to the distance and lack of interest, Moe to write to ABC to remove Cornwall from our jurisdiction.

Graham proposed motion, Gilles seconded All approved.

Additional Board Members

Graham, as President, must fill the remaining five positions by appointment.

Graham will approach various people to try and fill these positions.

Date of next meeting

Sunday mornings at 9am start are preferable

Will use Moe,s place

Last Sunday of every month when possible

Aug. 12th, Sept. 30th, Oct. 28th, Dec. 2nd, Jan. 6th 2002, Jan. 27th, Feb. 24th, Mar. 31st and Apr. 28th (AGM)

Director of the Year Award

We are not in the position to pass out this award as the existing board normally awards it and they did not have a quorum at their last meeting to identify a recipient.

ABC Cards

ABC will now send cards directly to the bowlers. The cards will be made of plastic, so there is no need to use the laminating machine previously purchased to do this. However, the machine will be kept and used at tournaments.

Meeting adjourned by Bill Munn, seconded by Rheal Proulx