OCTOBER 28, 2001



Attendance:    Graham Ginsberg - Gilles Valiquette -  Maurice Viau - Dan Proulx - Pierre Gratton - Cameron Lyons - Dave Wiskowski


Absent with reason:   Bill Munn  -  Rheal Proulx  -  Jim Edwards



9:00 AM Call to order


Change to minutes of September 30th to:


               Aaron was not invited to meeting because he didn’t attend the previous meeting and didn’t contact Graham.

Card purchased at prov tournament: He paid in Windsor tournament and he should receive an ABC card from that association.

Moe passed out Association Leaders Handbooks to all






Strike is over and pleased to see everyone back at work. 
Two Leagues and a few bowlers refused to cross picket lines

Speedy Muffler Discount cards have arrived and will be distributed.

Director’s pictures in houses still not resolved.

Forgot names tags at home and will get them to directors before tournament.




We have a total of 511 bowlers.  Still to come Cornwall leagues, Early Birds from Aylmer and K. of C. from McArthur.

Because of strike, Mail box was not follow up

Directors address where again sent to bowling magazines.

Again some members not receiving cards because of computer program errors.

To find out from why players info not showing (leagues that you play in)



Emailed revised budget

Emailed income and expenses statement

Received $3. Outstanding from Bert Wiskowki membership.














Finance & Budget Committee


Revised budget


Fundraising:  Dan needs to know what is the amount we need to raise.  Suggested $1000.00

This committee should be involved with all other committees ex. Tournament, banquet, newsletter, special events in order to become self-supporting.

Agreed to remove balance of newsletters budget and to remove money for banquet.

Agreed that if needed we should loan money to F.R. committee in order to support other committees.


Tournament & Events Committee


Tournament:  Ask that all league representatives announce the tournament before league play.  Cameron will ask Gerry if Ok to Advertise tournament on screen.

Moe gave the wrong dates for the tournament and forms had to be reprinted.

Moe asked that all directors pass out tournament application in their league and to try and get new people to come out.  Bill has request help from all directors to get involved in the tournament. Ex: advertise, score corrections, computer entries, collecting entries and money….

Graham to meet with Bill, Dan to organize a meeting for tournament committee


Banquet:   December 1, 2001 at the R.A. Center.  It will not be a sit down supper but an awards party with some kind of snacks to be served in the evening.  More details to follow.



Public Relations Committee


Dan expressed his disappointment with the way committees are being run.  PR needs to get more involved.

See attached letter from Dan.

Chairperson should have a better knowledge of what’s to be done.

No one should work alone on any project ex. Newsletter, tournament, banquet..


Newsletter:   1st issue will not be distributed because of printing mistakes.

Full committee must be involved and accepted by board of directors before publishing.

A revised letter should be issued before the tournament


ACT awards:  Paperwork giving to Cameron.  Cam will advise members for a meeting.



Lane Inspection Committee


Cameron and Dave to meet with counterparts from CDWTBA

McArthur Lanes still not certified.  The manager still not sure when the lanes will be ready to be inspected.

Honor scores are being score and hopefully ABC/WIBC will honor them.

Cameron asked  the head mechanic on when the lanes could be redone. Pierre Beausejour  replied that  he will not close the bowling lanes so that we can inspect them.  Also that he could not give him any other time.

Staff at McArthur are making disrespectful comments about the lane inspectors.

President will speak to Manager.

ABC/WIBC are aware of situation.











Old Business


40th Ann. Plaque to be order with Annual Trophies

League constitution received was revised and no changes were made or suggested.




Meeting Adjourned as time had expired


Next schedule on December 3,2001 but other meeting to be called.