Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Directors Meeting – September 30th, 2001

Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Graham Ginsberg

                      Pierre Gratton

                      Maurice Viau

                      Bill Munn

                      Rheal Proulx

                      Gilles Valiquette

                       Jim Edwards

                      Dan Proulx

                      Cameron Lyon


Absent with reason: Dave Wiskowski


Call to order


As Aaron Guertin did not show up for the last two meetings, it was unanimously decided to reject him as a director.


August minutes reviewed and some changes suggested and agreed.


Executive Reports


Presidents Report


Graham has had discussions with the McArthur management and found them open to suggestions for improvement. The owner, Howard Grundman, also seems to have this attitude.


Notice boards – nothing done as yet.


The previous lane inspection at McArthur failed. Management there says they are ready anytime for another inspection.


There was no discussion with them on scores.


Speedy Auto Glass cards – no further cards received as yet.


Vice- Presidents Report


Nothing to report


Secretaries Report


Reviewed league updates – Hull has 2 leagues, Aylmer has 2 leagues


Bowlers are starting to receive their ABC cards. There is a problem with the French spelling on cards – ABC cannot recognize the accents on the letters. Therefore, cards are coming in spelled wrong.


Cornwall update – lane inspection was completed satisfactorily

One WIBC league has joined there and two more leagues appear to be interested. There is also a mixed league there.


The money that was owning to Travelnet has been withdrawn as it appears they made a mistake.


Cards purchased at provincial tournaments – it appears that one bowler who purchased his card at the provincial tournament and then again at the start of his league, has paid twice. He will get a card from his Windsor league and they will apply his extra money paid to ABC for this year.


We need to tell members that if they go to tournaments, to remember to take their cards with them. If they forget, do not buy additional cards there.


Moe passed out association handbooks to all directors.


Graham suggested adding to future agendas one item from the handbooks to discuss once a month.


It was discovered that most of the new directors have not been receiving the ABC magazines. Moe will contact ABC.

The Mailbox – we are unsure where to put it. The manager at McArthur, Gerry Brown, now wants it also. However, he does not want it attached to the walls. Moe to look into one with its own stand. Once found, he will purchase it and find a place for it. Motion put forward for Moe to do this – all agreed.


Moe has received the constitution from the Therese Renaud Memorial League to review. Gilles offered to review this constitution and return it to the league. He will give us a summary next month.


Treasurers Report


Moe passed out the daily journal for the year 2001-2002 and it was reviewed by all directors.


No banks offer no fees, so we will stay with what we have.


Audit Committee – the only discrepancy was the 40th Anniversary – lifetime members, Wally Pullen & Bert Wiskowski, paid only $9.00 instead of $12.00.


Due to currency conversion, we are receiving less money – $1.00 per bowler on average – could result in $700 less revenue. We may need to increase fees at next AGM.


CTF renewal is $250 – before paying; Moe needs to check with the Budget Committee.


More awards will be needed as there were eight games of 300 last year – Budget Committee decision.


Committee Reports


Finance & Budget Committee


Copy of the proposed budget was passed out and reviewed.


Gilles suggested that we do not pay for Tournament Trophies, all agreed and it was removed from the budget.

Dan suggested that the Tournament Committee look into sponsorship for the tournaments to help with the costs – all agreed.


A motion was presented to amend the budget to eliminate the Tournament Trophy Expense of $500 and add it to Fundraising – all agreed.


Dan will be the coordinator of fundraising.


Moe to redo budget.


 Tournament & Events Committee


The annual tournament will be held at McArthur on the weekends of November 10th/11th and 17th/18th.


The committee to meet this week to get things started. Will provide an update at the next meeting.


The Banquet will be on December 1st at the RA Centre. We need 100 people. Dorothy Boyles is the WIBC coordinator.


PR Committee


The Newsletter will be ready next week. Jim will put advertising space available to help pay for the newsletter. He is looking to produce 4 per year in October, December, February and April.


Lane Inspection Committee


Our committee has yet to meet with the WIBC committee.




One 300 game so far.







Cornwall has dropped out of the local YABA association. Only McArthur and Aylmer left.




Bill for $250 received. Motion to pay approved by board.


Graham will contact CTF to try and resolve service problems.


Provincial Tournament


The Jamboree is this weekend. Graham was not impressed with its content and how it was run.


Provincial Tournament entry forms will be available in the spring. It will be held in Brampton.


Old Business


The Women’s 40th Anniversary – nothing planned until the budget is approved – very little money available now.


Graham suggested a commemorative plaque – all agreed. Jim & Moe to look into purchasing a plaque.


Name Tags – Bill gave samples to board to review – approved. Moe to laminate. Graham will obtain pins for the back of them and give to Moe to attach.


Name Tags to be distributed to the directors ASAP.


Insurance Policy – Bill has left numerous messages to agency in the USA to confirm price and taxes before paying the policy. Once received will have Moe write a cheque and send in form.



New Business


Association League Reps. – Gilles has received positive comments from the Wednesday night leagues. They are surprised to see someone there from the association. The League Reps seem to be working.


Missing directors – Graham will look for two more. He is open for suggestions from other directors.


Moe has suggested a league President’s meeting to discuss common issues and complaints. Moe and Graham will organize a date and venue.


Motion to adjourn by Gilles, Jim seconded, all approved.


Meeting adjourned.