Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

45th Annual General Meeting – April 28th, 2002

Meeting Minutes



Call to order – 9:44am


Roll call


Attendance: Graham Ginsberg - Director

                    Maurice Viau - Director

                    Rheal Proulx - Director

                    Bill Munn – Director

                    Dave Wiskowski – Director

                    Pierre Gratton – Director

                    Gilles Valiquette – Director

                    Cameron Lyon – Director

                    Dan Proulx – Director

                    Bernie Leclair – League Delegate

                    John Fortin – League Delegate

                    Ed Zabarauskas – League Delegate

                    Rene Giroux – League Delegate

                    Real Lemay – League Delegate

                    Norman Schweitzer – League Delegate

                    Omer Labelle – League Delegate


Review of Agenda


Add Miles Farrell to new business.


Review of previous minutes


Motion to dispense with reading of previous minutes put forward by Gilles Valiquette – seconded by Rheal Proulx. All attending took a few minutes to read through minutes.





Executive Reports


Presidents Report


Report handed out and reviewed by Graham


Secretaries Report


Reviewed league listings, focusing on just ABC members. Actual count is 623 bowlers this year, down from 660 last year.


Reviewed letter from Bowling Headquarters.


Need to collect final averages of all leagues. Please pass onto Moe when ready.


Treasurers Report


Moe passed out the updated budget as of April 28th, 2002 – reviewed by all present.


Committee Reports


Tournament& Banquet


Report handed out and reviewed by Bill.




Reviewed annual comparison. Recommended to change specialty awards to be awarded by a Director of the Association on the night received.


Lane Sanction


Report handed out and reviewed by Cameron





2001 Golf Tournament


Moe stated that the tournament was a success with 29 teams entered and gifts provided for all who attended.


2002 Golf Tournament


Bill advised that this year’s tournament should be just as good with as many teams as last year.


Web Page


Pierre suggested that all in attendance go to and try out the web site.




Cameron gave an overview of the night – it was at the Congress Centre on April 3rd, 2002 and everyone had a good time. The Outstanding Bowler of the Year went to Dave Wiskowski.


Life Membership Nomination


Graham presented Adolf Hilgendorf’s nomination – Nominated by Moe – voted and carried unanimously.




Dues are currently $18.00.


The budget for 2002-2003 was reviewed and Moe stated that unless dues were increased, the association would run into a deficit.


A motion was presented by Norm to raise fees to $20.00 – seconded by Dave Wiskowski






The motion was discussed by all present and a vote taken. Results:


Yes – 8        No – 6


Dues increase approved.


New Business


Miles Farrell passed away April 23rd, 2002. Bill suggested the association make a donation to the ICU department of the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Agreed by all present.


It was suggested to put a banner at the front door of McArthur Lanes advertising the association’s web site. Will be discussed at future meetings.


For new league executives, it was suggested that they consult the league secretary’s kit for contact with the association.


Election of Directors


Terms of office reviewed.


For next year, need 4 three year directors and 1 two year director


Nominations – Dave Wiskowski, Pierre Gratton, Norm Schweitzer, Rheal Lemay, John Fortin, Ed Zabarauskas, Bernie Leclair, Rene Giroux, Roger Sarrazin


Refused – Bernie Leclair, Rene Giroux, Roger Sarrazin


Stand – Dave Wiskowski, Pierre Gratton, Norm Schweitzer, Rheal Lemay, John Fortin, Ed Zabarauskas










Three Year Term – Dave Wiskowski, Pierre Gratton, Rheal Lemay, Norm Schweitzer


Two Year Term – John Fortin


Motion to adjourn put forward by Owen Labelle, seconded by Norm Schweitzer


Meeting Adjourned.