Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

December 15, 2002

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:          Pierre Gratton, Rheal Proulx, Cameron Lyons, Real Lemay, Graham Ginsberg, John Fortin, Norm Schweitzer.

Regrets:          None

Call to Order:          10:10

Agenda.  The published agenda was agreed to.

Review of Minutes

October 27, 2002.  The minutes were reviewed and acceptance moved by Norm Schweitzer, seconded by John Fortin – carried unanimously.

November 24, 2002.  Change made to remove actual dollar amounts from the minutes in the Treasurer’s report.  Motion to accept minutes as amended moved my Norm Schweitzer and seconded by Real Lemay – carried unanimously.

Executive Reports


The president reported that although he had nothing to report, he would like to ensure that the association focuses on doing those things that it must do i.e. memberships, lane inspection, tournament etc, followed by those things that are desirable, e.g. bowling clinics and that it should avoid putting any energy into activities not related to these.

Vice President

No report.

Pierre inquired about the status of the ball draw he had initiated.  Not all leagues at McArthur have been done.  Directors should cover their leagues in the upcoming week and Pierre will take the draw to Hull and Aylmer in the New Year.


The problems with Winlabs appear to be solved.  It was a problem with the backup discs and the way Winlabs keeps track of activity.  Most memberships have been entered and will be uploaded to ABC before Christmas.  Members should start receiving their cards early in the New Year.

There are presently 491 members (482 regular), however the board would like to see a proper report showing the status of leagues and the membership.  Action – Cameron.


See attached report.

Committee Reports


The draft tournament rules were reviewed.  There was considerable discussion on the fee.  The fee was proposed to increase to $25.  After discussion the increase was moved by Pierre Gratton and seconded by John Fortin – carried unanimously.

It was confirmed that in keeping with past practice winners would be given plaques, not trophies.

There was also considerable discussion regarding re-entries.  A motion to allow one re-entry, but not on the same day was made by John Fortin and seconded by Norm Schweitzer – carried.

(It was felt that allowing unlimited re-entries tended to give an advantage to the higher average bowlers, or at least the perception of such.  This tends to discourage higher handicap bowlers, despite the fact that it is a handicap tournament.  However not allowing any re-entries would create a great deal of resentment from many bowlers.  The single re-entry was felt to be a good compromise.  Also not allowing the bowler to re-enter on the same day prevents the bowler from “reading” the lanes as conditions will likely change from day to day.)

Squad times were discussed as in past years there has been delays in getting squads started, sometimes due to administrative problems, sometimes lane problems and often due to the need to wait for bowlers in one event to finish so they could then bowl in another event.  Many alternatives were discussed including prohibiting sequential entries e.g. singles and doubles immediately followed by teams.  It was agreed that the problem could be solved by adding a half-hour in the middle (not after each squad).  Squad times would be as follows:

Sat.          Teams 1:00 and 4:30

Singles and doubles          1:00, 2:30, 4:30 and 6:00

Sun.          Teams          12:00 and 3:30

          Singles and doubles          12:00, 1:30, 3:30 and 5:00

Foul lights were an issue as several are not working.  Management should be advised of the necessity of having them fixed. – Action – Graham.

Lane Inspection

Aylmer.  No change.  They still have staff problems.

Cornwall.  Still no response.

McArthur.  As a result of the honour score a tape reading was taken and sent to Montreal.  It seems likely that the reading will fail, but we need the results.


The president asked that all members give consideration to 2 or 3 suggestions of desirable activities we could or should undertake and forward them to him so that a list can be prepared for prioritization and discussion at the next meeting.  Action – All.


Owen Laballe had not been advised of the meeting and hence no status of awards is available.  Owen should be invited to the next meeting.  Action – Graham.

Issues at McArthur

In the 2000-2001 season directors visited many leagues to discuss issues with them.  There continues to be a lot of unrest at McArthur concerning the centre itself.  The board should examine the list created in 2000-2001, add any known item and try to resolve those before asking the members for additional items.  Members should bring along additional items for discussion at the next meeting.  Action – All.  The list from 2000-2001 needs to be found.  Action Pierre and Graham.

Life Members

Graham presented a list of life members taken from the web site.  Directors should review this list and confirm that no life members a missed.  Action – All.

Date of Next Meeting

The board had previously scheduled a meeting for January 5 and 26.  The first seems too close to the present meeting.  The board agreed that the next meeting should be held on January 19, 2003 at McArthur lanes at 09:00 and the January 26 meeting is cancelled.


Graham circulated a short outline of the proposed newsletter now scheduled for January.  Directors were asked to review the outline and provide any additional topics or input to the articles already identified.  Action – All.

Other Business

Roles and Responsibilities

Pierre raised the topic that directors should review the roles and responsibilities as laid out in both the constitutions book and the Association Leaders handbook.  As many new directors have neither the old handbook nor the present one it was agreed to order 10 additional copies.  Action – Cameron.

New Directors

The President reminded everybody of the urgency of replacing missing directors.  One name was mentions as a possibility, Mike Gendron.

Meeting adjourned. 12:30



Next Meeting

January 19, 2003.  09:00  McArthur Lanes.