Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Directors Meeting – February 24th, 2002

Meeting Minutes



Attendance: Graham Ginsberg

                    Maurice Viau

                    Rheal Proulx

                    Bill Munn

                    Pierre Gratton

                    Gilles Valiquette


Absent with regrets: Dan Proulx, Jim Edwards, Dave Wiskowski


Absent: Cameron Lyons


9:20 – call to order


Review of Agenda


Add Dan’s e-mail to President’s Report


Review of previous minutes


January 7th minutes accepted by all present.


Executive Reports


Presidents Report


C.T.F. is running a qualifier on March 9/10 and 16/17, 2002 in London, Ontario.


Dan’s e-mail included three pieces of correspondence; his first e-mail, Moe’s reply and Dan’s further reply. E-mails discussed at length. Graham to send Dan a letter.





Vice-Presidents Report


Nothing to report


Secretaries Report


Winslab is now set up.


A letter has been received by ABC containing a proposal that CTF go on its own way by March 2003.


 Has Mark Perron received his ABC card yet? – Graham to investigate. ACTION – GRAHAM


Update on tournament trophies – Bill stated trophies still not finished despite repeated requests to Paul Laprade – Graham to speak to Paul on Monday. ACTION – GRAHAM


Treasurers Report


Agreed by all present to pay Bill $24.58 for Tournament Expenses.


Discussed renewal of Directors & Officers Liability Policy – proceed with the renewal. Bill to handle. ACTION – BILL


Reviewed Budget update.


Committee Reports


Tournament& Banquet


Due to time of year and lack of organization, it was decided to leave any new tournaments until next year.








No Activity. Graham will attempt to produce at least one newsletter before the end of the season. ACTION – GRAHAM


Lane Inspection


The Lane Inspection Committee is still working with McArthur Lanes to complete its inspection.


Web Page


No Activity


ACT Awards


No Activity




No Activity


Public Relation/ Fundraising


No Activity


Strike out Arthritis – will have Paul Laprade contact Gilles to organize. ACTION – GILLES


CTF and Provincial Tournament


No Activity




No Activity




Golf Tournament


Tentative date June 15th, 2002 at same place as last year. Kingsway needs a commitment. Bill to organize, but needs help.


Old Business


40th Anniversary: the men’s directors were sent an invitation to the banquet and no- one has yet responded.  Graham and Gilles will be representing the board and will be giving out a plaque in honor of the 40th.  The Board decided to pay for the 2 members tickets at a cost of $60.  It was suggested by Gilles that we also present the ladies with flowers.  This will be determined after the plaque is paid for. The balance of budgeted money ($100.)


Les Vaughan trophy:  Gilles and family members have still not reached a decision about criteria for the trophy.


League Reps:  Gilles to contact B’Nai Brith about members and awards. ACTION – GILLES.  Pierre also to contact leagues in Aylmer and Hull for new members and updated awards. ACTION – PIERRE


Mail Box:  Rheal spoke to Gerry and now Gerry is demanding that we have two separate mailboxes for men and Ladies associations.  WHY?  Graham to speak to Gerry. ACTION - GRAHAM

Also question about Management having access to mail boxes.


New Business


Life Member Nomination: Committee of Gilles and Graham to investigate nominations. ACTION – GRAHAM & GILLES


Annual Meeting: April 28th tentatively booked at Moe’s place but need a bigger area and if possible where breakfast could be served.  Possibility of Aylmer Lanes.  To be determined…




AGM Proposed changes;

1-     Increase in fees from $18. To $20.  (with exchange rates, Treasurer estimates that we are running into a deficit this year.)

2-    removal of Cornwall from our Association

3-    introduce a “Recall” to Constitution

4-    Change # of directors.


Graham to draw up proposal for a new time for the meetings. ACTION - GRAHAM


Next meeting to change agenda format to start with Proposal for next year activities, AGM agenda, new business and …….


Meeting adjourned 1pm