Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Directors Meeting January 7th, 2002

Meeting Minutes



Attendance: Graham Ginsberg

Maurice Viau

Rheal Proulx

Bill Munn

Absent with regrets: Dan Proulx, Jim Edwards, Dave Wiskowski, Pierre Gratton


Absent: Cameron Lyons, Gilles Valiquette


9:30 call to order


Review of Agenda


Leave as is.


Review of previous minutes


Typographical errors. Bill to make corrections and send to Graham & Pierre.


Executive Reports


Presidents Report


Graham attended all the leagues that had bowlers who won awards and handed them out. He felt that it was good publicity and should be done again next year.


He has spoken to the CTF Ontario Representative and was advised that the CTF is planning on running a qualifier for bowlers to go to B.C. in the spring. They are looking at the beginning of March in London, Ontario. The CTF has stopped further inter-provincial tournaments due to lack of interest.



Vice-Presidents Report


Vice-President unavailable.


Secretaries Report


All bowlers have received the latest Connection magazine.


There are now 611 bowlers in the Association 7 from a league in Aylmer and other late members.


No news from Mark Perron who was waiting for his card from Windsor. Graham to follow up with Mark. ACTION-GRAHAM


Treasurers Report


Moe passed out the updated budget reviewed by all present.


The prize money from the tournament has all been distributed.


Committee Reports


Tournament& Banquet


No Activity




No Activity


Lane Inspection


The Lane Inspection Committee has had a meeting and decided to leave things as is. A new meeting is scheduled for January to elect new members.


The inspection of McArthur was completed on December 29th, 2001. It passed inspection, with minor adjustments.




Web Page


No Activity


ACT Awards


No Activity




Awards have to be processed through WinsLab. Moe has to meet with Owen Labelle. ACTION-MOE


Public Relation/ Fundraising

No Activity


CTF and Provincial Tournament


No Activity




No Activity


Golf Tournament


Volunteers are needed to run.


Old Business


Missing directors Graham to contact Gilles Valiquette about Yves Frechette. ACTION-GRAHAM

Mail Box No Activity




40th CDWTBA No Activity

Les Vaughan Memorial Trophy No Activity

League Reps. No Activity


New Business


Organize Committee Structures leave as is.


Moe passed out a Life Member Nomination for Adolf Hilgendorff. Graham will set up a committee to review the criteria and all nominations by February 1st, 2002.



Meeting Adjourned.