MARCH 24, 2002



Attendance: G. Ginsberg, G. Valiquette, M. Viau, P. Gratton, R. Proulx, D. Wiskowski,                                  C. Cameron and D. Proulx

Absent with regrets: B. Munn and J. Edwards


9:10- Call to order


Review of Agenda and Minutes:  Change Secretary report to read Awards are now on the Winlabs System.


Executive Reports:


President:  Talked about attending the 40th C.D.W.T.B.A. banquet and that it was an enjoyable evening.

Vice President: Also attended the banquet and response to our dedication plaque was well appreciated.

Secretary:  Read letter of resignation from Jim Edwards as director of board. 

We know have a total of 622 members in our association.

Treasurer: See financial Statement handed out to all directors.

Still haven’t paid for Tournament Trophies and Engraving as the work is yet to be complete.  Insurance fees have yet to be determined by broker.




Annual Meeting to be at McArthur Lanes on April 28, 2002 at 9:30AM (no breakfast)

§         League reps are to go see all the presidents or delegates that they are responsible for and explain the importance of their present.

§         Proposal for Fee increase next year    DECLINE

§         Proposal for decrease in the # of  Directors   DECLINE

§         Proposal to Remove Cornwall from our boundaries  DECLINE

§         Proposal for “A removal from Office”   DECLINE

§         Life member nomination    ACCEPTED

§         ADD  explanation of Past President to Constitution.

§         Elections of Directors for   2 yr. term     1

                                            3 yr. term   4




Dave suggested that we have a survey made out and giving to all the team captains to fill out:

§         Do you want an Annual Tournament

§         If Yes, when should it be held   BEFORE  Or AFTER NEW YEAR’S.

§         Do you want a Banquet,  when,    BEFORE or AFTER NY

§         Include a reminder of Annual Meeting.

Should be done on the week of April 1.


C.T.F. CONNECTION:   will be available on web site


Committee Reports  (those not mention had no reports)


Newsletter:  Graham has taken responsibility of drafting another letter.  Cost to be covered by Association.  Hope to be out before end of season.


Lane Inspection:  Dave and Cameron have not been inform on any changes.  Moe has called J. Boucher to get news and was told that again McArthur has schedule an inspection only to be cancelled the same day because of repairs still not done.  She has again been in contact with ABC/WIBC and made her report of the situation.

Cameron has stated before that our copy of the L. Inspection video is no good.

Moe to try and find out where our original copy is or to get a duplicate copy from the ladies.


A.C.T. DINNER:  Cameron has announced that this year winner is DAVE WISKOWSKI.  Congratulations were given to Dave.  Cameron will be attended the Award Ceremonies on behalf of our Association.


Golf Tournament:  Bill has  booked Kingsway Golf Club for June 15.

Pierre will post the entry form on the web site.  Bill needs help in organizing the tournament.  Ex: Getting Sponsor, collecting entry forms, promoting the tournament, advertisement, getting prizes…








Les Vaughan trophy:  Gilles had talks with the family and president of the Thursday night league and they agreed that the league next year would be the “LES VAUGHAN MEMORIAL LEAQUE”.  A trophy in his honor will be given out.


League Reps:  Pierre has visited the leagues in Aylmer and in Hull and has collected awards application and memberships that had not been giving to the secretary.

Dave will email all reps when survey is ready to be distributed.


Mail Box:  Graham has yet to meet with the manager on restriction or conditions.


Director’s Pictures:  Graham never got an answer from the Manager.


Insurance Policy:  Bill is still waiting on policy from company.