Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 24, 2002

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:   Pierre Gratton, Cameron Lyons, Real Lemay, Graham Ginsberg, John Fortin. Claude Dumoulin.

Regrets:       Real Proulx

Call to Order:        09:15

Election of New President

Graham Ginsberg was elected as President for the 2002-2003 season.  Graham assumed the chair.


The following agenda was agreed to:

·        Review of Minutes

·        Executive Reports

·        Committee Reports

·        Other Business

Review of Minutes

It was agreed that although the October 27 meeting had been more of a short discussion due to the absence of a quorum, minutes should still be produced, if only to reflect the actual attendance.  Action: Graham Ginsberg

The September 29 minutes were reviewed.  Acceptance of the minutes was moved by Real Lemay and seconded by John Fortin.  The motion was carried unanimously.

Executive Reports


No report.  Presidential duties had been taken by the Vice-President and will be covered in his report.

Vice President

A ball draw has been initiated.  The prize is a ball, bag and shoes combination a retail value of $340.

Dan Proulx has tendered his resignation from the board effective immediately.  This leaves the board with only 8 elected directors.  The President reminded all directors that it is critical we fill the vacancies as soon as possible, before the burden become to great for the remaining directors.


The secretary is continuing to have problems with Winlabs.  So far no memberships have been entered, although league sanction forms have been sent to ABC.  League secretaries can issue additional temporary memberships for any bowlers who need a sanction card for an out of town tournament.

There are presently 391 members (382 regular).


See attached report. 

Committee Reports

Lane Inspection

Aylmer was inspected two weeks ago.  There were some discrepancies, including foul lights.  There is presently no schedule for fixing these as they appear to have staff problems.  It was agreed that we should extend the timeframe under the circumstances, but ABC needs to be advised.      Action: Cameron Lyons

Hull has received its certificate (#20577)

Cornwall has still not notified the lane inspection committee that they are ready for inspection after their renovations.

McArthur lanes have received their certificate (#11997).  An 800 has been rolled so it is necessary to take a tape reading.  Cameron will take the reading and sent the tape to Montreal for analysis.

ABC have advised us that there is a $19 credit in our account with them so we do not need to send any lane inspection fees to them this year.

The lane inspection committee still has no WIBC representation.  It was felt that given the difficulties the ladies are having in organising their board that we should not press this issue at the present time.


There was considerable discussion on the location and date of the tournament.  Various options we discussed including moving the complete tournament to another location, moving part of it (e.g. teams at Aylmer, singles and doubles at McArthur), running it over one weekend versus two.

Consensus was reached that the tournament should stay at McArthur at least for this year and be run over two weekends – the weekend of February 22/23 and March 1/2 in 2003.

The decision to hold it all at McArthur was made primarily because it was felt that to move or split the tournament would stretch the limited resources we had to run a tournament given that the board only has 8 directors.  Claude Dumoulin pointed out that perhaps we do not use our life members enough and that some may be willing to help out if they knew and were asked.  He pointed out that we do not do well in keeping life members advised of meetings.

The decision to run the tournament over two weekends was primarily one of giving the membership an opportunity to participate.  Overall when discussing both location and timing the board was concerned that enough of the membership participate.

In a post meeting discussion the manager at McArthur confirmed that we could have 16 lanes for those weekends, although he is running a parallel Labatt’s tournament over the whole period.


Graham is hoping to have a draft by the end of the week with a view to having it distributed in December.


The CTF qualifiers were held in Toronto on November 2 to 10th.  Aaron Guertin finished second and qualifies for significant support.  He averaged 237.5.  Other CDTBA bowlers acquitted themselves well.  Dave Wiskowski finished 24th,averaging 199.5 and Cameron Lyons came 29 with an average of 193.2.


Graham Ginsberg attended the Provincial Jamboree and board meeting in Belleville on October 5 and 6.  Much of the discussion centred around the US’s single membership organisation activities and CTF’s activities looking towards becoming a membership organisation and organising body.

The provincial tournament will be held from May 2, 2003 to June 2, 2003 at the Quinte Bowling Centre in Belleville.  Members should be encouraged to get entries in early so as not to be disappointed on squad times as Belleville only has 16 lanes.  To compensate additional squads have been organised for Fridays and Mondays.

Other Business

League Reps

Real Lemay agreed to cover Cannus Mixed on a Monday night.  Cornwall leagues should be changed to Graham Ginsberg as it had previously been agreed that these leagues would be a presidential responsibility until their situation was resolved.  Other leagues will have reps reallocated once additional directors are found.

New Directors

The President reminded everybody of the urgency of replacing missing directors.

Web Site

The web site should be updated to reflect the present situation regarding the Golf Tournament.

Next Meeting

Having essentially missed one meeting so far this year and several situations still outstanding it was agreed that there should be a meeting in December.  The date of December 15 was chosen, but with a start of 10:00 a.m.  Graham agreed to e-mail all directors.


Meeting adjourned 11:00 a.m.


Next Meeting

December 15, 2002.  10:00  McArthur Lanes.