Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting October 27, 2002

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Pierre Gratton, Cameron Lyons, Real Proulx, Graham Ginsberg

Regrets: John Fortin

Call to Order: 09:15

Due to the absence of a quorum it was agreed to hold a brief meeting, but that no decisions could be taken.

Review of Minutes

The review of the September meeting minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

Executive Reports


No report.

Vice President

No report.


Sanctions and memberships have started to arrive. At present 290 membership applications have been received, but not processed due to problems installing Winlabs. The secretary is trying to expedite resolution with ABC.


See attached report.

Committee Reports

No reports.


Meeting adjourned 9:30 a.m.


Next Meeting

November 24, 2002. 09:00 McArthur Lanes.