Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting – September 29, 2002

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:          Pierre Gratton, Cameron Lyons, Real Lemay, Graham Ginsberg, Norm Schweitzer, John Fortin, Real Proulx

Regrets:          Dan Proulx

Call to Order:          09:10.

Due to the resignation of the President, the Vice-President, Pierre Gratton, assumed the chair of the meeting.

Review of Minutes

The minutes were reviewed and approved.

Review of Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda under new business.

·        Provincial Jamboree

·        Presidential Elections

Executive Reports


No report due to the resignation of the President.

Vice President

We have been advised that Cornwall is still active and wishes to sanction for the upcoming year.


We have still not received kits from ABC.  This is becoming a big concern and ABC seem to be hard to contact.  ABC reported that kits had been sent out once on August 30, but returned.  They were supposedly sent out again on September 15, but have not be received as yet.

So far sanction forms have only been received from three leagues – Eastview Major, Larry Gagnon and McArthur Mixed.

Some leagues have expressed an interest to submit their membership applications electronically or at least on a single form.  This is acceptable provided the list has for, each person:

–        Name

–        Address

–        Phone number

–        DOB

–        Sex

–        E-mail if available

–        Where dues are paid, and

–        Signature for each member.

The requirement for signature would tend to preclude electronic transmission, but a single sheet can be submitted provided the above is provided.


A proposed budget was submitted.  There are some discrepancies.  Members should review and come prepared to discuss at the next meeting.

Committee Reports

Lane Inspection

–        Cornwall.  Cornwall wants an inspection.  October 6 is the planned date.  A full inspection is required.

–        Hull.  Hull will be re-certified on Monday (September 30).  It was previously inspected with some outstanding problems.

–        Aylmer.  An inspection of Aylmer is planned for October 20 at 12:00 noon.

–        McArthur.  Everything at McArthur has been checked OK, although presently the oiling machine is broken and is being repaired in Montreal.

There is some confusion regarding the article in the ABC magazine regarding inspections as it seems to imply a requirement for unannounced inspections.  Unannounced inspections are not fully practical.

There was a lot of discussion regarding the situation at McArthur, centered primarily around the lack of proper oil equipment and the lack of communication on the situation by management.  It was agreed that the following are needed:

–        a communication protocol to allow members to voice their concern. An article on the topic should be in the next newsletter.

–        A list of outstanding problems/issues.  The starting point could be previous discussions with membership.  It was not felt necessary to solicit a larger list from the membership at present as those bowling at McArthur should be able to generate a sufficient list.


No report.

Old Business

Mailbox.  It was agreed that the mailbox discussed last year for McArthur is not necessary as the Secretary/Treasurer is present most evenings leagues bowl.

There is an outstanding action item from the last meeting regarding what was transferred from the WIBC versus what was believed to have been in the fund raising (50/50 draw) kitty.  The amount received was less than had been anticipated by the previous treasurer.  Action Cameron

New Business

It was moved and agreed unanimously that an election for a new President will be held at the next meeting – October27, 2002.

The Provincial Jamboree will be held in Belleville on October 5 and 6.   Graham Ginsberg will attend as he is a Provincial Director and will report at the next meeting.

Other Business

It was agreed unanimously that the golf tournament was not an official part of the board activities and should be turned over to a volunteer.  The board will be willing to allow the use of the Association’s bank account and to provide some assistance.

There was discussion on the method of handing out the 2001/2002 association awards.  As there are at present no plans for a banquet and given that last years visit by the President to hand the awards out on league nights was felt to have been successful, it was agreed that the new president should do the same.


Meeting adjourned 11:10 a.m.

Next Meeting

October 26, 2002.  09:00  McArthur Lanes.