Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 6, 2003

789 Montreal Road

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:          Pierre Gratton, Rheal Proulx, Graham Ginsberg.

Regrets:          None

Guests:          Owen Labelle

1)    Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:00

2)    Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed to, except for the correction of the address and the addition of the CTF SMO.

3)    Review of Minutes

March 16, 2003.  The minutes were approved with corrections to the location and to the date of the AGM (the date was incorrectly recorded as April 23 vice April 27).

4)    Executive Reports

a)     President

The President brought the board up to date on the situation regarding the secretary.  Cameron has resigned his position on the board to take a job in Toronto and has given all CDTBA property, including files, computer and lane inspection equipment, to the President.  The Association computer is presently installed and WinsLabs is operating although there are some problems which will be resolved with ABC.  The files do not appear to be well kept and will need some work to clean up.

As a consequence of Cameron leaving, we will now be able to hold the AGM at McArthur Lanes as originally hoped.

b)    Vice President

No report.

c)     Secretary

No report.

d)     Treasurer

Cameron did prepare a Treasurer’s report before leaving, which is attached.  Unfortunately he still has not presented financial records so that reconciliation against the bank statement can be done.  The President agreed to do this for presentation at the AGM as he has all the records.

5)    Other Business

a)     Secretary/Treasurer

The situation was reviewed and it was agreed to not appoint another secretary/treasurer this late in the season.  Graham agreed to cover most of the duties and Owen volunteered to enter end of year averages as he has WinLabs installed.

b)    Council of Delegates/AGM

The following actions were identified.

·        Reserve the room at McArthur. .  Action Graham.

·        Give written notice to each league President, including proposed amendments. .  Action Graham.

·        Prepare a notice for posting in all houses. .  Action Graham.

The proposed constitutional amendments were reviewed. All were agreed to as written, except for Amendment 2, which was changed as follows:

“To be nominated to an officer's position on the Board of Directors, the Director must have had at least one year's experience on the Board.  In the absence of any nominations from qualified directors, nominations may be accepted from other Directors provided they have experience on bowling related matters.”

c)     Tournament

Results are now posted on the web site.  Graham agreed to visit leagues at McArthur and distribute awards.  Owen agreed to visit one of the McArthur leagues and Pierre will take care of awards in Gatineau.

d)     Lane Inspection

With Cameron leaving, lane inspection becomes a problematic area.  Dave Wiskowski is probably the most knowledgeable director regarding this.  He should be contracted.  Action Graham.

e)     Awards

Owen reported that all awards are up to date and have not changed significantly since the last meeting.

Other Business

a)     CTF SMO

CTF have prepared an extensive proposal for a Single Membership Organisation i.e. CTF intends to become the membership organisation for Canada.  The document has been distributed, but only recently.

Graham agreed to try to find out the timeline for comments and the process.

6)    Next Meeting.

To be determined (will be discussed with the new directors at the AGM on April 27).


Meeting adjourned. 11:55