Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 16, 2003

789 Montreal Road

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:          Pierre Gratton, Rheal Proulx, Cameron Lyons, Graham Ginsberg.

Regrets:          John Fortin, Norm Schweitzer, Dave Wiscowski.

Guests:          Owen Labelle

1)    Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 09:15

2)    Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed to.

3)    Review of Minutes

December 15, 2002.  The minutes were approved as published.

4)    Executive Reports

a)     President

The President brought the board up to date on the situation regarding the secretary.  Cameron is no longer an employee of McArthur lanes and is not allowed on the premises.  Graham stated that he had been assured by Cameron that his disagreement and subsequent dismissal, was not in anyway related to his role as Secretary or lane inspector.

Clearly this situation presents some difficulties, e.g. our meeting at this location rather than McArthur lanes.

b)    Vice President

No report.

c)     Secretary

There are presently 551 members (542 regular, 2 local life, 6 life and 1 affiliate).

Owen presented Cameron with a list of bowlers who do not yet appear top be registered with ABC, but who are shown by McArthur lanes as being in a league.  These need to be looked at and resolved.  Action Cameron.

d)     Treasurer

See attached report.

5)    Other Business

a)     Council of Delegates/AGM

The meeting had been provisionally set for April 27.  There were no objections to that date.  It was proposed that the meeting be held at McArthur lanes, but management need to be contacted as Cameron is not allowed on the premises.  If management will not relent an alternative site will have to be found.  Action: Graham.

For the record the following issues were tabled.

Fees.  ABC have not proposed any fee changes so this board is not proposing any.

Life Memberships.  No nominations have been received, although one director is aware of somebody who is being considered outside of the board.  As the deadline for nominations is passed, the member cannot be nominated in time for this year’s meeting, but those interested should proceed to nominate him in time for next year.

Constitutional Amendments.   The following amendments were discussed.

1.       Article 1 needs to be changed to reflect that Hull and Aylmer are no longer formal municipalities.  The northern boundary should be simply Gatineau, Quebec.

2.     Article 2 b iii should modified to allow for nominations for office from directors with previous experience on bowling related boards when no nominations are received from directors with at least a year of experience on the board.

3.     Article 2a should be amended to remove the position of recording secretary as a formal board position.  It was agreed that it would be acceptable to continue having somebody other than the secretary record minutes.  (see next agenda item on salaries).

4.     Article 8 should be changed to be more general and to specifically remove recording secretary.

b)    Salary of Recording Secretary

It was proposed that the salary of the recording secretary be deleted for the 2003/2004 season.  Passed unanimously.

c)     Tournament

A payout list was presented and approved unanimously.  The tournament director expressed concern that not enough had been collected in the Expense Fee to cover the cost of plaques and engraving trophies.  It was agreed that the association must pick up any shortfall.

d)     Lane Inspection

Lane readings are required for Anil and Aylmer.  Cameron to set up a time.  Hopefully many directors will be able to attend to see how it is done.  Action Cameron.

Cornwall.  Still no response.  Cameron to keep trying, but we will probably have to wait until they contact us.  There presently are no members out of cornwall.

Anik still has outstanding problems.  They need to be reminded so we can re-inspect.  Action Cameron.

In the absence of any other forum, a discussion was held on reimbursing directors for expenses associated with inspections.  It was agreed that out of pocket expenses for out of town inspections would be reimbursed, but that no expenses would be covered for in town inspections except under extra-ordinary circumstances.  All expense would be covered out of the lane inspection committee fund and fees.

e)     Awards

Owen Labelle presented a list of awards that have been given to date.  Awards are down significantly from last year, probably representing the poorer lane conditions at McArthur.

The following is a summary of the full listing provided by Owen







75 over avg. snr.




















250 (170 avg.)


150 over avg.


600 160 avg.)


100 over avg




125 over avg. snr.





f)     Issues at McArthur

Graham presented a list of issues from McArthur taken from the list prepared from 2000-2001 and updated by the present situation.  The board agreed that he should discuss this list with management.

Other Business

a)     ACT Award

Due to the short timeframe, the board as a whole discussed who to nominate.  It was agreed to forward Aaron Guertin.  Action Graham

b)    Plaques

Pierre will purchase plaques for the annual awards when he purchases plaques for the tournament.

c)     Web Site

Pierre advised that he need to be reimbursed for the cost of the web site.  The cost is $8 per month plus $25 per year for the name (  Pierre requested that the fee be covered for a year in advance.  It was agreed to do this provided it is paid for a year in advance.

d)     May Bullard

Graham advised that May Bullard had passed away.  As she had been a member of both ABC and WIBC boards and a long time bowler, the WIBC board is looking at the possibility of a memorial plaque at McArthur lanes, from both boards.


Next Meeting.

April 6.  09:00 same location.


Meeting adjourned. 11:45