Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 9, 2003

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:          Pierre Gratton, Rheal Proulx, Graham Ginsberg, Ed Zabarauskas, Mark Gehring, Owen Labelle.

Regrets:          None

1)    Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.

2)    Agenda.

The President circulated an agenda.  The agenda was agreed to.

3)    Review of Minutes

The recording secretary presented regrets that he was unable to complete the minutes of the September meeting and had asked the President to consider appointing another recording secretary.  In the absence of another volunteer, the President agreed to also serve as recording secretary.  Minutes of the September meeting will be available for review at the next meeting.

4)    Executive Reports

a)     President

The President expressed his regrets over any confusion caused by the late cancellation of the meeting originally planned for October 26th.  In future, Board members should assume that meetings will run as scheduled even if no agenda is sent ahead of time.  Directors are asked to record the dates for the planned meeting and ensure their attendance.  The following schedule was agreed to in May.

November 30, December TBD (if necessary), January 18, February 15, March 28, April 25 (AGM), May TBD.

Dates for the December and May meetings will be set at the preceding meeting.

A meeting has been scheduled with the Presidents of the WIBC and YABA local associations regarding the move to CTF.  The meeting is schedule for November 16th.

There was considerable discussion on many issues regarding the CTF amalgamation, but no decisions were possible.

The President attended the Provincial Jamboree and Board Meeting in October.  Much discussion took place at both meeting regarding the CTF amalgamation, with few answers coming from CTF President, Stan May.  Admittedly much of the discussion was an airing of concerns and gripes regarding the process pursued by CTF to arrive at this point.

Some questions had been raised at the last board meeting regarding CTF; specifically the availability of French documentation and the issue of provincial boundaries.  French translations are only available for the transition manual – they are “working on the rest”, but no schedule is available.

The Quebec Provincial Association is being formed and part of their duties is to establish boundaries.  Until that is done CTF does not know if there is an issue, however Stan May did say that it was not CTF’s intention to force changes on any existing associations.

Results of the Provincial Tournament are not yet available due to delays caused by appeals.  The next Provincial Tournament will be held in Oshawa in May 2004.

The President also distributed his final treasurer’s report for the 2002-2003 season.

b)    Vice President

No report.

c)     Secretary (see attached)

So far 11 leagues have sanctioned.  Three leagues have chosen not to sanction and one more is struggling to get organised.  346 bowlers have been entered into Winlabs for 10 of the 11 leagues.

ABC has sent requests for information regarding our bonding claim.  The information will be provided to the extent possible.  They have also requested information on the three directors who acted as President during the time period.  Only the information that is public knowledge can be provided.

d)     Treasurer (see attached)

5)    Other Business

a)     Lane Inspection

The files received from the past secretary have been organised, although they contain much older information.

The issues regarding billings and certificates needs to be resolved.  Action Mark.

b)    Tournament

Pierre presented a proposed tournament format and draft rules.  After some discussion it was agreed that the proposed concept be approved, except that only one prize list will be provided.  The concept is that the prize money will be guaranteed, with the bowlers only paying $10 of which it is estimated that $7.50 will be for lineage.  With 460 entries and a prize list of $3,505, the association will be committed to $2,355.  The board felt that this was reasonable given that this is the last year of the association.  It will still leave funds to be passed to the new CTF association.

The prize list will guarantee money for 7 places and will not increase if more entries are received.

Handicap will be 100% of 220, making it appealing to all levels of bowlers.

It is hoped that the tournament will prove sufficiently popular, that the rules allow for multiple entries, but only after a certain date (tentatively February 1st).   Entries received by this cut-off date will be an indication of the popularity of the revised format.

c)     Awards

Owen distributed a list of current awards.  Awards are just starting to come in as leagues become organised.

d)     Newsletter

Graham distributed a draft of the newsletter and asked for feedback ASAP.

e)     New Directors

Graham reminded the directors to keep looking for new directors.

6)    New Business

Pierre volunteered to run another ball draw provided the other directors were willing to help sell tickets/spaces.  This was agreed to.  The draw will take place near the end of the tournament.

Meeting adjourned 12:05 p.m.


Next Meeting -  November 30, 2003 9:00 a.m. McArthur Lanes