Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Director's Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Thursday Aug 19, 2004 19:00

Meeting Minutes  - draft 


Attendees:      Graham Ginsberg           Nicole Fetzko                         Ed Zabarauskas 

                        Pierre Gratton                        Murielle Rivers              Claude Dumoulin

                        Marg Willis                        Mark Gehring                        Owen Labelle (Awards Officer)

Regrets: None

Absent:  None



1. Call to Order          Called at 19:10


2. Current Agenda      The President distributed an agenda: all agreed.


3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meetings and Actions Arising


         The Minutes from the Meeting of Thursday, June 10, 2004,  and July 15th were reviewed:

a.       Corrections to Director/League assignments were made from the minutes of  June 10th.

b.       Correction to statement in Action Item 1 from the minutes of July 15th were made.

c.       otherwise, minutes were accepted.


    Update on Action Items from prior Meetings:


-          TD Bank as the New CDTBA's Bank Service, to be undertaken Tuesday Aug 24th.


-          Mark Gehring’s first attempt to arrange for the Lane inspections hit a snag – the contact in Montreal stated he needed some authorization from the Proprietor of McArthur lanes before proceeding. A discussion  ensued and Graham pointed out that lane inspection procedures are in the domain of the Association and therefore do not depend upon the proprietor’s influence - it is a matter between the association and the lane inspectors. Graham suggested that finding local CDTBA lane inspectors should be tried once more, if possible. Nicole Fetzko expressed an interest in learning the lane inspection techniques, and when Mark tries to book the lane inspectors once more it was suggested that those interested may want to participate/observe in the process.


-          Graham has misplaced his notes on the trophy upgrades – he may need to re-do the analysis.



4.  Current Agenda Item:  Board Reports


            A summary of the Verbal reports follows:


            President’s Report


Reported that CTF has approved our Charter application, however with some amendments to our constitution being suggested. Graham indicated that some of the suggested amendments require some thought and that this would best be initially dealt with by himself and perhaps the Association Manager. These amendments need to be sent to CTF by October.

Graham also spoke of the after-math of the Cameron Lyons bonding claim, whereby the remaining directors who were left to cleanup the mess left by Cameron, were summarily found guilty of  “nonfeasance” of their duties. It was rather insulting to those involved, that ABC went to the length that it did , to slap the hands of those that were innocent of any neglect in their duties, in this rather unfortunate mess.


            Association Manager’s Report 


-          Ed indicated that he believed that the association kits were in-the-mail and that any day they would be in-hand.


-          The Men’s average book for 2003-04 was now available at McArthur’s front desk, however the women’s apparently is not yet in place.


-          Ed has made an appointment to initiate the new association’s Bank Account at the TD Bank



            Action Items arising from this point:

            A2:  Graham Ginsberg needs to get an update on the Men’s CDTBA TROPHY upgrades.         

                     The existing Legacy trophies are out-of-date and some need some maintenance.



            Tournament Committee Report


Early thoughts on this season’s association tournament:

-          Youth tournament date: most likely Feb 12/13, possibly Feb 5/6 as well, if required

-          Adult (Men/Women together)  Feb 19/20 and 26/27

-          Adult averages used will be as of  Jan 1,  2005

-          Possible entry fees of  $20.00 (Adults)

-          No additional fees for All-Events (Adults)


The idea that the Tournament needs to be “marketed” more was expressed.




5.      Current Agenda Item:  Meeting Schedule


      It was suggested and accepted that meetings generally be held on the last Sundays of every month, or within that time frame, starting at 09:30 am:


SUNDAY’s at 9:30 AM                                               










However the Annual General Meeting (AGM) needs to be decided:  2005-Apr-??, (AGM)




6.      Current Agenda Item:  Awards


Graham distributed an Award System Analysis based upon what Local awards the

CDTBA and the CDWTBA previously had, and what the ABC awards had been and what the

CTF was now offering. Much discussion was had by all, and the board came to the

conclusion that establishing a new CDTBA local award system was more difficult

than was at first thought. The board debated which local awards were redundant, and

which should be kept, and which gaps remained between local and CTF awards.

The balancing act to have the local awards make sense in this new CDTBA, seemed

too difficult to achieve, at this early stage of the blended CTF-CDTBA.

It became apparent that perhaps a prudent thing would be to cancel any local award

System for this year (2003-04), and to see what the effect of this action and using only

the CTF award system will be for this season.






            NEXT BOARD MEETING:   Sunday, September 26th, 2004 09:30 AM at McArthur Lanes



7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment               Adjourned at 21:15