Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Director's Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Thursday June 10, 2004 19:00

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:      Graham Ginsberg           Nicole Fetzko                         Ed Zabarauskas 

                        Pierre Gratton                         Marg Willis                        Mark Gehring    

                        Claude Dumoulin          Murielle Rivers 


Absent:           None

Regrets:          None



1. Call to Order          Called at 19:07


2. Current Agenda      The President distributed an agenda: all agreed.


3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meeting.


         The Minutes from the Meeting of Thursday, May 6, 2004 were reviewed:


            a. It was suggested that future minutes indicate: Attendees, Absent and Regrets.

            b. It was suggested that the paragraph which stated that Ed Zabarauskas was appointed

               as Association Manager have the phrase added: "for a 1 year appointment for  2004-05"

            c. Otherwise the minutes were accepted as presented.


    Update on Action Items from prior Meetings:


    a. Ed Z. has opted to maintain the existing TD Bank as the New CDTBA's Bank Service.

       Preliminary contact was made with the Accounts Manager, who will re-create the

       same service contract with CTF - CDTBA, when we so choose. Ed is waiting for our

       application documents etc... to be complete before the signing authority Directors

       meet with the Accounts Manager.


            Action Item arising from this discussion:   

            A1. The ABC, WIBC and YABA boards need to provide Meeting Minutes of their

                   dissolution meetings for the CTF Charter Application.


4.  Current Agenda Item:  Organization of CDTBA.


            The President presented a document for a discussion of the stated topic.

            Please refer to that document for details.


            It was generally agreed that the CDTBA should use Committees, formed

            of Directors and/or CDTBA members, to do much of the business of the CDTBA.


            Some names were attached/suggested for several Committees:


            Finance Committee:             Ed Z, as Association Manager, has to contend with

                                                financial matters. Andi Laplante had previously indicated

                                               interest in helping out, should the need arise.


            Youth Committee:            Claude Dumoulin,  Mark Gehring

                                                Yves Frechette,  Andi Laplante


            Awards Committee:            Owen Labelle,  Marg Willis


            Action Items arising from this point:

            A2:  Marg Willis needs to do some research on Women's award structures etc..

            A3:  Research Men's/Women's Consolidated awards, Inventory of Awards


            Tournament Committee:     Pierre Gratton, Nicole Fetzko, Claude Dumoulin


            Lane Inspection:                         Mark Gehring


            Other Committees, as the needs arise, can likewise be filled.


            Another area discussed was the assignment of a CDTBA Director to each CDTBA league.

            These directors would be Contact points between the Leagues and the Board.


            Some suggested Director/League Combinations:


            Pierre Gratton:                          Oktoberfest

            Claude Dumoulin:             EastView

            Muriel Rivers:               Larry Gagne, Therese Renaud

            Nicole Fetzko:              Laurentian Couples, Les Vaughan

            Graham Ginsberg:             Klassic ABC, CANUS

            Marg Willis:                 CityView

            Mark Gehring:               TGIF, Claude Lapratte


5.  Current Agenda Item:  The Way Ahead - Future Plans


            The Charter application to CTF needs to be completed (by July 31, 2004).


            Concern was expressed about CTF supplies, software, application cards being

            available in time for the season start in August. We will have to wait and see.

            Hopefully, an update on the situation may be available by next Meeting.


6.  Current Agenda Item:  New Business


            Some discussion about lane inspection procedures was held.

            Same as last year?: hire inspectors from Montreal, or train our own members?

            CTF lane inspection forms - new or from ABC?



            NEXT BOARD MEETING:   Thursday, July 15th, 2004 19:00 at McArthur Lanes



7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment               Adjourned at 21:15