Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Director's Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Sunday Nov 28, 2004 10:00 AM

Meeting Minutes - Draft


Attendees: †††† Graham Ginsberg ††††††††† Ed Zabarauskas

†††††††††† †††††††††††† Pierre Gratton††††††††††††††††††††††† Owen Labelle (Awards Officer) ††††††††

††† ††††††††††††††††††† Marg Willis†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Regrets: †††††††† †††††††††††

Absent:†††††††† Nicole Fetzko, Murielle Rivers, Mark Gehring



1. Call to Order††††††† Called at 10:15 AM††


2. Current Agenda††††† The President distributed an agenda: all agreed.


3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meetings and Actions Arising


†††††††† The Minutes from the Meeting of Oct 31st, 2004 were reviewed:

a.       Minutes were accepted as presented with corrections.


††† Update on Action Items from prior Meetings:


-No discussion was held.†††††


4.Current Agenda Item:Executive Reports


††††††††††† A summary of the Verbal reports follows:


††††††††††† Presidentís Report


††††††††††† Information on the Pepsi challenge youth tournament was relayed.

††††††††††† It was indicated that info on the state of tournaments may be found on the CTF website.

††††††††††† It was revealed in a discussion on the state of the provincial tournament, that Ann King, the last president of

†††† †††††† the CDWTBA, had been acclaimed to the Ontario TenPin Bowling Associationís††††††††††† board of directors.

††††††††††† Perhaps the posters for the provincial Tournament were in her hands.


††††††††††† Association Managerís (AM) Report


The AM reported on the current state of league registrations, which is more or less final:

684 bowlers in 15 leagues had registered.

††††††††††† A cheque had been mailed to CTF on Nov 12, 2004 and membership cards were expected to follow

††††††††††† in the next few weeks.


††††††††††† The AM also presented a report on the current Bank Balance and transactions.


5.Current Agenda Item:Committee Reports / Other Business


††††††††††† Tournament Committee Report

Pierre Gratton, the tournament director, presented the draft of tournament rules.

The rules were studied and debated.

Regarding the awarding of the scratch/handicap chevrons Ė it was decided that if an individual

qualified for both chevrons, he would be awarded both.

It was decided that the rules 319d and 319e would not be in-effect for this tournament.



Lane Inspection

Lane inspection co-ordinator: Absent



††††††††††† Claude DuMoulin indicated that the 200ís and 600ís awards for the youth were still not available.

††††††††††† Ed indicated that he would check into the matter with Owen etc.

††††††††††† It was later discovered that there was a misunderstanding Ė the same 200 and 600 pins are both for Youth

††††††††††† and Adults. Owen Labelle, the Awardís Co-ordinator, subsequently supplied Claude with some pins.



††††††††††† Claude gave an explanation of the Youth Tournament which will be taking place the week-end of

††††††††††† Feb 12-13 2005. During the discussion it was pointed out to Claude, that since the Adult tournamentís

††††††††††† Trophy budget has always come from CDTBA funds, and not from the tournament fees, it would be

††††††††††† appropriate for the CDTBA to like-wise pay for the Youth tournament equivalent. This potentially could

††††††††††† lower the Entry Fees for the youth participants.


6. Current Agenda Item:New Business


††††††††††† NEXT BOARD MEETING:†† Sunday, January 9th, 2005 10:00 AM at McArthur Lanes



7. Current Agenda Item:Adjournment†† ††††††††††† Adjourned at 12:00 AM