Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Director's Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Sunday Oct 31, 2004 10:00 AM

Meeting Minutes 


Attendees:      Graham Ginsberg                                              Ed Zabarauskas 

                        Pierre Gratton               Murielle Rivers              Owen Labelle (Awards Officer)           

                        Marg Willis                   Mark Gehring   


Regrets:          Claude Dumoulin          

Absent:           Nicole Fetzko



1. Call to Order          Called at 10:12 AM   (Board Meetings new starting time: 10:00AM)


2. Current Agenda      The President distributed an agenda: all agreed.


3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meetings and Actions Arising


         The Minutes from the Meeting of Sep 26th, 2004 were reviewed:

a.        Minutes were accepted as presented with one minor correction.


    Update on Action Items from prior Meetings:


-  No discussion was held.     


4.  Current Agenda Item:  Executive Reports


            A summary of the Verbal reports follows:


            President’s Report


-          The CTF has officially approved the CDTBA’s constitution.

-          The president expressed a concern that the indemnification of the association, as specified

-          in the constitution, may still be unclear. Perhaps advice from more informed sources may clarify that area.


            Association Manager’s (AM) Report 


-          The AM reported on the current state of league registrations.

-          At the time, 520 bowlers in 12 leagues had registered.

-          It was reported that the Gatineau centers, Anik and Galaxie had remitted cheques for lane inspections.

-          A preliminary supply of award materials from CTF are now in the awards’ officer’s hands.


5.  Current Agenda Item:  Committee Reports / Other Business


            Tournament Committee Report

-          Nothing to report at this meeting.



Lane Inspection

-          Lane inspection co-ordinator: little to report at this time –

-          still waiting for McArthur’s cheque for lane inspection fees.



-          Some discussion about incorporating a system to allow the Awards Co-ordinator to enter

-          award data into PBMCTF, eg transferring data back and forth via backups.

-          The Association Manager suggested that several other directors also have PBMCTF installed

-          on their computers to ensure redundancy of  CDTBA’s database. Ed indicated that he would

-          provide the software and send backups to any that would be interested, Owen to be the first.



-          Mark Gehring stated that McArthur has been encouraging interest in youth bowling this year

-          by providing some incentives to new bowlers and current bowlers’ friends.



6. Current Agenda Item:  New Business


            NEXT BOARD MEETING:   Sunday, November 28th, 2004 10:00 AM at McArthur Lanes



7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment                        Adjourned at 11:20 AM