Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Director's Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Sunday Apr 3rd, 2005 10:00 AM

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:      Graham Ginsberg          Nicole Fetzko                Ed Zabarauskas           

                        Pierre Gratton               Claude Dumoulin

                        Marg Willis                   Mark Gehring               

Regrets:          Murielle Rivers

Absent:           Owen Labelle (Awards)


1. Call to Order          Called at 10:10AM

2. Current Agenda      The President provided an agenda.

3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meetings and Actions Arising

         The Minutes from the Meeting of Mar 13th, 2005 were reviewed:

a.        Minutes were accepted, with minor correction.

    Update on Action Items from prior Meetings:

          No Discussion.


4.  Current Agenda Item:  Executive Reports

            A summary of the reports follows:

            President’s Report

                        Discussion held about the rationale of  the AGM’s minutes being produced in the prior year

                        and reviewed in the current. It was suggested that AGM minutes be reviewed in the meeting

                        following the AGM. This course of action makes more sense. Last year’s AGM minutes will

                        not be reviewed at this AGM.


            Association Manager’s (AM) Report

                        Final Dues payments to CTF, OTBA have been sent.     

                        Final Average forms and Year-end pins for all leagues have been given to leagues.


5.  Current Agenda Item:  Committee Reports / Other Business

Tournament Committee Report: Pierre Gratton

Nothing New


Lane Inspection

Lane inspection co-ordinator: Mark Gehring.

A question has arisen about the CTF legal limit for  lane inspection charges. CDTBA has set a fee of

$10/lane, but McArthur’s proprietor has claimed that an association cannot charge more than $7/lane.

The Board will need to look into the details of this matter with CTF.



            It has been noted that many leagues have legal rosters greater than playing strengths as indicated on the

            sanction apps, and so did not receive enough year-end championship pins. The CTF awards requests

form now has an area where Year-end pin requests can be stated.

            Additional Year-end pins have been requested from CTF, however these may arrive too late.






            Appropriate Director: Claude Dumoulin

            Final year-end party for the Juniors is set for Apr 30th.


            Claude has indicated that donations from several leagues and Individuals have topped-up his fund for

            the Juniors’ provincials. He expresses his gratitude to these by acknowledging them on the Notice board.




            Set for Apr 17th around 10:30am.

            Nicole Fetzko will be visiting Leagues to try to encourage attendance.

            Notices to be placed in the bowling centers.



             To be held in Oakville. No delegate from CDTBA is planning to attend at this time.





6. Current Agenda Item:  New Business


            Pierre Gratton stated that the call letters for the Association’s Website should be prominently

            displayed on our Honor Board.

            We also should provide an info sheet that leagues fill out, to relate to their “league presence” on   

            the web site.


            Nicole Fetzko expressed a concern that our new color choice for CTF honor plaques is difficult

            to see. Board may have to re-evaluate critically the plaques and how they are presented.


            A question was asked about how prior ABC suspensions are dealt with in the CTF context.

            It appears that suspensions will be honored, however we may need to look into more detail at this.



NEXT BOARD MEETING:   AGM Sunday, April 17th, 2005 10:30 AM at McArthur Lanes.


7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment                        Adjourned at 12:02 PM