Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

2nd Annual General Meeting at McArthur Lanes

Sunday Apr 17th, 2005 10:30 AM

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:      Graham Ginsberg          Nicole Fetzko                Ed Zabarauskas           

(Directors)        Pierre Gratton               Claude Dumoulin                                                          

Regrets:          Marg Willis, Mark Gehring

Absent:           Murielle Rivers, Owen Labelle (Awards)


Attendees:         Ann King, Helga Sarazin, Leanne Walker

(Members)        Joe Badali, Marc Dumontier, Graham Crate


1. Call to Order          Called at 10:35AM


2. Current Agenda      The President provided an agenda.


3. Current Agenda Item:  Graham Ginsberg, the president of CDTBA for 2004-05,

     welcomed the members to the AGM and introduced  the members

     of the Board of Directors who were present:

1.       Nicole Fetzko, Vice-President

2.       Ed Zabarauskas, Association Manager

3.       Pierre Gratton, Tournament Director

4.       Claude Dumoulin, Youth Director


4. Current Agenda Item:


President’s Report

            The President distributed a printed report which reviewed the Board’s activities during this first

            year of operations under the Canadian TenPin Federation (CTF).  The president also spoke of plans

            and hopes for the upcoming year.

            Some of the points were:


            Background leading up to the formation of the Single Membership Organization, which is the way

            CTF now operates. Our previous 3 local Capital District associations, ABC, WIBC and YABA,

            merged into a single association, the Capital District TenPin Bowling Association (CDTBA).


            The CTF has over 41,000 associated bowlers and is headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta.


            The CTF-CDTBA has one major difference in operation over the prior CDTBA:

-          league secretaries now have only one association contact for Awards, Sanctions etc…


The current year has been “somewhat a care-taker year” where the CDTBA has been working the

kinks out of the new system etc…


The new CDTBA managed to handle all the basic requirements of running the association:

-          Memberships were processed

-          Lanes were inspected

-          Tournaments were held

The CDTBA is hoping, as a consequence of this meeting, to achieve of full slate of  9 Directors to

start the new season.


5. Current Agenda Item:


            Association Manager’s (AM) Report

                        The AM distributed several printed reports:

1.       A summary break-down of the 2004-05 Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

2.       A Balance sheet for the 2004-05 Season

3.       A ‘Bowler Awards’ report of the current season as of April 14th.


Some of the points were:

-          15 leagues from 2 Centers, McArthur and Gatineau (Aylmer) comprised the Association.

-          This represented  707 actual Bowlers, 461 male and 246 female

-          7 life members were active this year, 5 men and 2 women.

-          If we include bowlers who participated in several leagues we have rosters for 829 bowlers.

-          $13,748 was collected from bowlers at $20 per bowler.

-          The CDTBA remitted $12, of every $20 collected, to the CTF.

-          The CDTBA remitted $1,   of every $20 collected, to the Provincial Association.

-          The 7 Life Members’ dues were paid by the CDTBA.



6.  Current Agenda Item: 


Tournament Reports:

Pierre Gratton, Tournament Director for the Adults reviewed this year’s  Adult tournament.

-          Held this year during the last 2 weeks of February

-          Entry fees were $20 per person with $7.50 for linage and $12.50 for prizes

-          179 bowler entries participated, and $2237.50 in prizes was distributed.

-          20 teams, 27 Doubles and 45 Singles was the break-down.


Claude Dumoulin, Youth Director, provided a report and reviewed this year’s Junior Tournament.

-          Held this year February 12-13

-          Entry fees were $7 per person with $5.60 for linage and $1.40 for expenses and refreshments

-          89 bowler entries participated

-          8 teams, 18 Doubles and 30 Singles was the break-down.

-          70% of the Junior bowlers participated


7.  Current Agenda Item: 


Junior Committee Report:

                Claude Dumoulin, Youth Director, provided a report.

-          70% of the Junior bowlers participated in the annual tournament

-          10 bowlers participated in CTF Pepsi Challenge

-          28 bowlers participating in the Provincial tournament in Mississauga May 7-8

-          Bowler membership has dropped from prior years

-          Good averages in this year’s group – 1 boy; 196, 3 boys: 180’s, 2 girls: 170’s

-          Looking for ways to promote Junior recruitment



This agenda item sparked some discussion from the members about how to get more youth interested in bowling.

Some of the points were:

-          get advertising out to schools and other suitable locales

-          advertise during Apr, May, June in schools, and in the summer elsewhere

-          create an advertising video

-          get schools to consider bowling as one of their featured alternate sports programs

-          consider “evening leagues” for “Senior” Juniors

-          try to get proprietors to have sponsorship events – “bring a friend” days etc..



8.  Current Agenda Item: 


                Owen Labelle, a member bowler, who has volunteered the last few years to handle the

Association’s awards processing, was absent, however the AM provided a printed Report of this

year’s awards.


This agenda item sparked some discussion from the members.

Some of the points were:

-          bowlers seem to appreciate getting awards, particularly lower average bowlers

-          perhaps the CDTBA should revisit the prior local award system


It was pointed out that nearly all of the prior local awards seemed to be covered by CTF awards,

however, revisiting the Award system may be something the Board could consider.



9.  Current Agenda Item: 


            Ratification of Policy Decisions:

            The following 3 Policy Decisions were ratified by all present:

1.       The position of Association Manager, filled by Ed Zabarauskas, will remain appointed for one more year.

2.       Nicole Fetzko to attend the CTF AGM this year in Vancouver as the CDTBA delegate.

3.       The Delegate, to the OTBA (Provincial AGM) to be held in June, to be determined by the Board.


10.  Current Agenda Item:


            Confirmation of Bowler Fees:  No change to fees proposed. Will stay at $20.00 for the Adults.


This agenda item sparked some discussion from the members.

Some of the points were:

-          the coffers of the CDTBA seemed high

-          the CDTBA has to give back to the bowlers



11.  Current Agenda Item:


            Election of Delegates to Next Year’s AGM’s (CTF and OTBA):

            It was proposed that the Board determine the delegates and alternates to these AGMs once the locations

            are known – this was ratified by all present.


12.  Current Agenda Item:


Election of New CDTBA Directors:


                5 Directors from the Current Board will be continuing their terms:

            Graham Ginsberg, Ed Zabarauskas, Pierre Gratton, Nicole Fetzko, Mark Gehring


            4 Director positions were up for elections.

            5 of the members present agreed to stand. An Election was held with the following results:

            Marg Willis                   elected to a 3-year term.

            Marc Dumontier            elected to a 3-year term.

            Graham Crate               elected to an indetermined term.

            Leanne Walker             elected to an indetermined term.




11. Current Agenda Item: 


Other Business


Various other discussion from the members occurred during the AGM.

Some of the points were:


-          regarding AGM’s sparse attendance – perhaps it should be mandatory for league presidents to attend, or a delegate, or special invitations

-          perhaps AGM’s should coincide with Tournament Awards

-          the CDTBA should be more visible - increased presence






NEXT BOARD MEETING:   AGM Monday, May 9th, 2005 7:00 PM at McArthur Lanes.


7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment                        Adjourned at 12:14 PM