Capital District TenPin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting (#3) at McArthur Lanes

Wednesday July 27th, 2005 7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:      Nicole Fetzko                Ed Zabarauskas                        Marg Willis

            Pierre Gratton               Graham Crate               Marc Dumontier


Regrets:          Graham Ginsberg

Absent:           Mark Gehring, Owen Labelle (Awards), Leanne Walker (Resigned)


1. Call to Order           Called at  7:05 PM


2. Current Agenda      The New President, Nicole Fetzko provided an agenda.


3. Review of Minutes of the Previous Directors' Meetings

         The Minutes from the Meeting 1 of May 9th, 2005 were reviewed:

       Minutes were accepted, with minor correction.

         The Minutes from the Meeting 2 of May 9th, 2005 were reviewed:

          Minutes were accepted. with minor correction.


4.       Current Agenda Item:  Review of Action Items / Old Business

Graham Ginsberg, not available for report on Trophies.


Pierre Gratton presented plans for re-vamping the current Honor Board:

Headings of Awards at top, with plans for displaying 20 items below each.

Board in agreement to proceed. Pierre to find new supplier, as the old supplier was

victim of the Aylmer Shopping Center fire.


5.  Current Agenda Item:  Executive Reports

            A summary of the reports follows:

            President’s Report

                Nothing to report                                        

            Association Manager’s (AM) Report

                 The AM presented a final Account Summary for the 2004-2005 Season


                At this point it was noted that the Auditing committee consisting of Graham Crate,

                Marc Dumontier, and Nicole Fetzko had just audited and signed off the records for

                 the 2004-05 season. Nicole had suggested to Ed Zabarauskas some accounting process

                 improvements which may help in making the records clearer for the upcoming season.


6.       Current Agenda Item:  Committee Reports

It was noted that Committees have to be re-established each season.

The directors for last year’s committees: Lane Inspection, Youth, Awards were not available.

Pierre Gratton spoke briefly about Tournaments and stated he would also be willing to head that committee.

It now becomes apparent that the establishment of this year’s committees will be a priority for

the next meetings.


7.       Current Agenda Item:  New Business

Leanne Walker, due to family situations, is unable to serve this year as a Director.

Vacancies in the Board exist – some leads for new directors will be followed up.


The president asked board members to try to come up with some ideas for increasing

Association visibility etc… for the next meeting. The directors may need to establish 

“Vision” statements for the coming year.


Some ideas for promoting memberships were: monthly membership prize draws.


Some discussion was held regarding CTF / CDTBA policies regarding league regulations

and current member league practices. CTF requires leagues to sanction within 1 month of their

starting dates, and members must pay their DUES before their 2nd session.



NEXT BOARD MEETING:   Wednesday, Aug 24th, 2005 7:00 PM at McArthur Lanes



7. Current Agenda Item:  Adjournment                        Adjourned at 8:40 PM