Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 29, 2006

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:†† Jackie Brown, Marc Dumontier, Mark Gehring, Graham Ginsberg, Pierre Gratton, Tim Lalonde, Ann King, Helga Sarazin, Marg Willis.

1)    Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m.

2)    Roll Call

See attendees above.

3)    Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed to with the addition of Officials Program under new business and email problems under website committee.

4)    Review of Previous Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on September 24, 2006 were reviewed and approved with minor editorial changes.

Approval moved by Helga Sarazin, seconded by Tim Lalonde.Passed unanimously.

5)    Executive Reports

a)     Presidentís Report

Problems with the average book were resolved.Action Ann to send a copy of the amended average book to Pierre for inclusion on the website.

  • A new key was obtained for the CDTBA mailbox at McArthur.
  • A microphone was donated to McArthur.
  • Secretaries should be advised to place awards in the mailbox.
  • Some bowlers have paid in more than one league.Action AM to resolve.
  • Ann attended the OTBA Jamboree.

Discussion Issues

  • Meeting dates.The following meeting dates were discussed and agreed to: November 26, 2006, January 7, 2007, February 4, 2007 and March 4, 2007.The AGM will be April 1, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Tournament Dates.The following dates were discussed and tentatively agreed to subject to lane availability and other tournament issues e.g. who will be the Tournament Director:Adult Mixed February 24/25 and March 3/4 2007; Youth February 10/11 2007.
  • AGM.There was a lot of discussion regarding attendance problems at the AGM and the need to generate ideas to improve.Discussion ranged from the time, the place, and the duration, tying the AGM with tournament payout.No consensus was reached other than it needs further thinking and proper formulation of ideas.A committee of one was established to come up with concrete suggestions.Action Jackie for next meeting.
  • Ann raised the issue of the budget surplus and questions from members regarding what they get for their money.Action.Ann to add budget issues to next meeting agenda.All directors to give some thought to the topic ahead of time.

b)    Association Manager

The AM reported that she is spending a lot of time getting paperwork sorted out and trying to understand what paperwork CTF and OTBA want.Instructions are rather lacking.

League sanctions and memberships are now arriving and are being processed as they come in.Only two leagues are missing, Les Vaughn and Oktoberfest.

Issues regarding Oktoberfestís method of collecting memberships are not resolved.

The AM reported that there is no financial statement for this month, as cheques had not yet been processed.There should be a financial statement next month.

6)    Committee Reports

a)     Website

Email problems are being reported by several board members.Action.Pierre to investigate.

Contest.Prize for October and November contest will be an embroidered towel and a McArthur club membership.So far only two responses.Only one correct.While the results were generally agreed to be disappointing, it was also agreed that we need to stick to it for a while.Three questions were agreed to for next month (November).Action.Pierre to post on November 1.

b)    Lane Inspection

Inspection of Galaxie was completed October 15.There were only a few minor problems.Ann is handling this.

McArthur report is to be submitted as is.McArthur need an address to send the cheque for the inspections as head office will only send it to an address and not to the lanes for pick-up.Action Ann to give Margís address.

Ann picked up the lane inspection equipment andfiles from Graham Crate.The centre still has the gutter gauge and the Take up Tape Machine.Helga has the feeler gauges.

7)    Other Business

a)     OTBA Jamboree/Board Meeting

Ann attended the Jamoboree and board meeting.With the OTBA now being a single member organisation they will no longer hold a Jamboree who main purpose was to bring together the Menís and Womenísorganisations.

The adult tournament will be held this year on May 5 to 27, 2007 in Windsor and the Youth tournament May 5 to 20, 2007 in St. Catherines.

b)    Youth Scholarships

Ann is still looking into this.

8)    New Business

a)     Association Awards

The OTBA gives out annual awards but they do not necessarily line up with all of our traditional awards.Action.Pierre to compare OTBA awards with the CDTBA (ABC/WIBC/YABA) awards pre-amalgamation.

b)    Tournament

Dates.See earlier discussion.

Tournament Director.Tim has agreed to be Tournament Director for both adult and youth tournaments.

Format.For the adult tournament Tim will look at various possibilities from a 2-day to 4-day event and make a proposal to the board.A 3-day event is also a possibility.Action Tim.

c)     Other Tournaments

Tim wants to look at the possibility of running other tournaments e.g. strike nine, triple knockout.Will present ideas at future meetings.

d)     Bowling Clinic

Ann has been talking to the Buffa Bowling people about a bowling clinic.They would be will to run two one day clinics on Jan. 13 and 14, 2007.Needs at least 10 with a max of 15.CDTBA would bring in Buffa and pay them.Members would pay CDTBA.Ann proposed that CDTBA subsidise the cost and presented two proposals.It was moved by Graham that we accept option A, (subsidise $15 of the $80 cost) seconded by Tim.Passed unanimously.

On the basis of this Ann was authorised by the board to proceed to make arrangements with the centre and Buffa and to post information for bowlers to register.

e)     Officials Program

There is an officials program on the CTF website.Ann suggests that members look at it.

9)    Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Sunday December 03 at 10:00 a.m.

10)           Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.