Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

4th Annual General Meeting

April 17, 2007

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

Attendees - A list of attendees as attached at the end of the minutes.

1††† Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

2††† Introduction of the Board

Ann King introduced the board members present.

3††† Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed.Moved by Helga Sarazin, seconded by Tim Lalonde.Approved unanimously.

4††† Presidentís Report

The Presidentís report was handed out and reviewed by Ann King the President.

5††† Association Managerís Report

The Association Managerís Report was handed out and reviewed by the Association Manager Marg Willis.Marg noted a slight increase in memberships over last year.

6†††††† Committee Reports

6.1†††† Tournament

The Tournament director, Tim Lalonde, handed out and reviewed the tournament report.

6.2†††† Awards Committee

The awards report, prepared by Owen Labelle, was distributed.

6.3†††† Youth Committee

A verbal report was given by Helga Sarazin, on behalf of the youth committee (Helga Sarazin and Mark Gehring).The year has seen a decline in membership for the only Youth League, the Vanier Blues.There will be 12 bowlers going to the provincials this year primarily as a result of the money raised by the ball draws.


7††† Ratification of Policy Decisions

In keeping with the Constitution the meeting is required to ratify policy decisions by the board.

Note:As these are presented by the board for ratification, there is no need for a mover and seconder.

7.1†††† Association Manager

The board has decided to appoint the Association Manager for a further year.Marg Willis will continue to serve.Passed unanimously.

7.2†††† CTF and OTBA AGM Delegates

The board proposes to defer selection of the delegates to the 2008 AGM to late in the 2007/2008 season when location and schedules are known.The board will select the delegates.Passed unanimously.

7.3†††† Change of Fees

The board proposes to raise fees for all member by $1 (to $21 for adults and $17 for youths).The president explained that CTF is raising the national dues from $12 to $14 to cover past and present GST.The proposed fee change would only cover half the increase.There was much discussion primarily focused around the amount of money presently in the bank and the fact that the board is presently operating at break even with a desire to introduce new programs next year.The proposal passed by a vote of 24 for, 3 against and 1 abstention.

8††† Election of Directors

There are three board positions for election, each for a full three year term.

Only one nomination was received so Pierre Gratton was elected by acclamation.

The president will seek candidates to appoint to the remaining positions

The following table shows the directors and their terms for the start of the 2007-08 season.

Three Years

Two Years

One Year

Pierre Gratton

Helga Sarazin

Marg Willis


Ann King

Marc Dumontier


Tim Lalonde

Jackie Brown

9††† Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.




Presidentís Report

Association Managerís Report Ė Bowler Status

Association Managerís Report Ė Financial Statement

Tournament Report

Awards Report




Graham Ginsberg

Ann King

Marg Willis

Luc Leblanc

Paul Hachey

Jacqueline Brown

Roger Sarazin

Howard Lang

Steve Vatour

Marie-Josee Mallet

Marie VanBerkel

Tina Bloess

Monique Hayes

Debbie Seabrook

Jim Hutchinson

J.C. Raymond

A.J. Tremblay

Feng Cai

Glen Schumacher

Terry Andrews

Ella Andrews

Ron Mims

Adrienne Mims

Pierre Gratton

Helga Sarazin

Simon Huddlestone

Michael Cleary

John Alguire

Tim Lalonde

Joe Badali

Marc Dumontier

Aaron Guertin

Lisa Konkle

J. R. Beaudoin