Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 4, 2007

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

1)    Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:22 a.m.

2)    Roll Call

Attendees:   Mark Gehring, Graham Ginsberg, Tim Lalonde, Ann King, Helga Sarazin, Marg Willis, Marc Dumontier, Pierre Gratton

Regrets        Jackie Brown

3)    Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed to.

4)    Review of Previous Minutes

January 7, 2007.  Mark Gehring had agreed to be the Coaching Coordinator and the role should not be described as a Head Coach.  With those amendments Tim Lalonde moved acceptance, seconded by Helga Sarazin.  Approved unanimously.

5)    Business Arising

a)     Lane Inspection

Galaxie are in the process of fixing the foul lights.  They were waiting for parts which should have arrived this week.

Still no cheque from McArthur and still no response to the equipment in McArthur possession.  Ann to Follow up.  ACTION

Helga has replaced the missing feeler gauges.

b)    Ottawa Sports Award

As discussed at the last meeting Ron Allenby was nominated by the Association, but it was only necessary to purchase one ticket as one ticket is provided for the nominee.

c)     OTBA Tournament

Posters have been received but no entry forms.  Entry forms were sent under separate cover.  If need be the poster will be modified to simply point people to the website to get entry forms.

d)     Youth Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship money is held in a separate Vanier Blues account.  There is still some confusion.  There was supposed to have been a cheque written to close the account, given last year to Nicole, but it has not been cashed.

After much discussion is was generally agreed that the account only needs to be transferred to the current Vanier Blues executive.  ACTION Helga to try to coordinate getting the signatures changed.

There are still outstanding issues:

  • Should the money be transferred to CTF’s scholarship account?
  • Who are the beneficiaries – Claude had a list, which it is believed was given to Nicole, but she is not contactable.

e)     Budget

Need budget ideas for next meeting.  The intent is to try to generate a budget for next year.

6)    Executive Reports

a)     President’s Report.

The President had nothing further to report than has already been covered.

b)    Association Manager

There are now 646 paid bowlers.

7)    Committee Reports

a)     Website Contest

John Alguire won the website for December, although there were only four entries.

There are eight correct answers for the January contest.  The winner was drawn and it is Melanie Cater.

The year-end contest will be drawn from all entries.  The Grand Prize will be a bowling bag, specifically a two ball roller.

The February contest deals with the Tournament – dates and locations.

b)    Local Tournament

The youth tournament will be held Feb. 10 and 11.  There are not a lot of entries so far – only 1 team.  There may be more by the time of the tournament.

It was noted that the poster for the local adult tournament has a different logo from the one being used elsewhere.  Tim explained that the present logo does not print well in black and white.  The general consensus was that we need to be consistent and if we need a new logo it should be reviewed and agreed to.  ACTION  Ann to distribute some suggestions for discussion.

The All-Events prize ratio is not stated.  Pierre recommended 1 in 10 due to limited entries.  It should be posted at the tournament.

Pierre will translate the adult entry form and get copies into Hull and Aylmer.  ACTION Pierre.

c)     Local Awards

Ann requested that Graham, Marg and Owen form a committee to come up with a program.

d)     Ball Draw

Marc Dumontier has agreed to coordinate the ball draw.  Marc to contact Roger to establish the prize.  We may want to offer a better ball and leave out bag and/or shoes.

Pierre gave details from last year.  There were 300 numbers and the prize was a complete package (ball, bag and shoes).  Tickets were $2 ea or 3 for $5, giving a minimum revenue of $500 and a maximum revenue of $600.  The cost of the prize was $250.

It was agreed that the proceeds would go to the Vanier blues, but for a designated purpose.

e)     AGM

Jackie is working on a poster and organising food.

Ann is looking at the agenda and the business side.

f)     Newsletter

Graham had distributed a newsletter for comment on the detail and tone.  It was generally agreed that the newsletter was far too negative and would likely put people off from attending rather than encourage them.  Graham to rewrite.

Board members were asked to submit input this week.  ACTION All.

8)    New Business

a)     Vanier Blues

The Youth representatives made a request for financial assistance.  While not yet in the red, the current financial situation is poor and could make it difficult to send players to the Provincial tournament in St. Catherines.

After much deliberation the following motion was moved.

“This board approves giving up to $500 to the Vanier Blues Youth league in the event that the year-end balance is negative, subject to receipt of a current financial statement showing fiscal responsibility.”

Moved by Graham, seconded by Marg.  Passed unanimously.

b)    Policy Manual

Graham distributed policies for the website and for the Association Manager for review and discussion at next meeting.

9)    Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Sunday March 4, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.

10)           Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 13:24 p.m.