Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

5th Annual General Meeting

April 22, 2008

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

Attendees - A list of attendees is attached at the end of the minutes.

1††† Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m.

2††† Introduction of the Board

Ann King introduced the board members present:Marg Willis, Tim Lalonde, Pierre Gratton, Jackie Alguire, Omer Labelle and the Award Chairperson - Owen Labelle.††

Absent:Luc Leblanc and Marc Dumontier.

3††† Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed.Moved by Tim Lalonde, seconded by Omer Labelle.Approved unanimously.

4††† Presidentís Report

The Presidentís Report (enclosed with AGM handout) was reviewed by Ann King.

5††† Association Managerís Reports

The Association Managerís Reports (enclosed with AGM handout) were reviewed by Marg Willis.

6††† Committee Reports

6.1 Tournament

††††† The Tournament Directorís Reports (enclosed with AGM handout) were reviewed by Tim Lalonde.

††††† More tournaments for next season.

6.2 Awards Committee

††††††††† The Awards Report (enclosed with AGM handout) was reviewed by Owen Labelle.Changes and

†††††††††† new awards for next season.

7††† Life Membership Nomination - Johanne Boucher

Ann King noted this nomination conformed to the CDTBA Bylaws and asked attendees to read the nomination letter, enclosed with the AGM handout, prior to voting.Omer Labellespoke about Johanne Boucher and her accomplishments.Ballots were distributed to the thirty-one attendees.Results of the vote to accept Johanne Boucher as a Life Member of the CDTBA:31 - yes, 0 - no, 0 abstain.

Johanne Boucher was presented with a CDTBA Life Membership Certificate and congratulated by all.


8††† Ratification of Policy Decisions

In keeping with the Constitution, the meeting is required to ratify policy decisions by the board.

Note: As these are presented by the board for ratification, there is no need for a mover and seconder.

8.1Association Manager

††††††††† The Association Manager will be appointed by the Board for the following season.

8.2 CTF and OTBA AGM Delegates

††††††††† The board proposes to defer selection of the CTF and OTBA AGM delegates to late in the

†††††††††† 2008/2009 season when location and schedules are known.The board will select the delegates.

8.3 Fees

††††††††† The board proposes no change in fees for the 2008-2009 season.Fees will remain at $21 for

†††††††††† adults and $17 for youth.

Policy decisions by the board ratified by a unamimous show of hands.

9††† Election of Directors

There are four board positions for election, three for a full three year term and one for a one

year term.

No nominations were received prior to the meeting.

Nominations from the floor:John Alguire, Tracey Lalonde and Monique Grenier.

Elected by acclaimation.

The president will seek a candidate to appoint to the remaining position.

The following table shows the directors and their terms for the start of the 2008-09 season.

Three Years

Two Years

One Year

John Alguire

Pierre Gratton

Ann King

Tracey Lalonde

Luc Leblanc

Tim Lalonde

Monique Grenier

Omer Labelle

Jacqueline Alguire

10Questions and Closing Remarks

James Hentges noted that next season we will have at least two members who will have bowled

50 years.

Dorothy Boyles inquired about recruitment of youth bowlers and volunteered to distribute flyers.



Ann King - For next season we will have more tournaments, a certified lane inspector course and coach Gerry Rodriquez will be back by popular demand.Members were encouraged to submit suggestions and comments to the Board.

Ann thanked the board members and volunteers for their support.Marg Willis was commended for serving on the board for five years and doing such a wonderful job as our Association Manager for the past two years.

9††† Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.






Presidentís Report

Association Managerís Report and Financial Statement

Tournament Report

Awards Report

Life Membership Nomination Letter




Omer Labelle

Ann King

Marg Willis

Monique Grenier

John Alguire

Jacqueline Alguire

Roger Sarazin

Ron Allenby

Lisa Konkle

Dorothy Boyles

Bert Leclair

Kelly Robinson

Owen Labelle

Nelson Harvey

Jim Hutchinson

J.C. Raymond

Robert Delabio

Max Francisco

Johanne Boucher

Ernie Agnes

Carole Auger

Leo Andal

James Hentges

Pierre Gratton

Marcel Corbeil

Tracey Lalonde

Sylvie Page

Tyler Lacelle

Tim Lalonde

Joe Badali

Paul Schryburt