Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Board of Directors Meeting

July 30, 2008

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

1)Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

2)    Recorder of Minutes

Tim Lalonde agreed to record the minutes of this meeting.

3)Roll Call

Attendees:†††††† Pierre Gratton, John Alguire, Tim Lalonde, Ann King, Monique Grenier and Marg Willis.

Regrets:†††††††††† Tracey Lalonde and Jackie Alguire

Absent:††††††††† Luc Leblanc.


Motion to accept the amended agenda:Tim Lalonde.Seconded:Pierre Gratton.Unanimous-Carried. The amended agenda was agreed to.

5)    Board Appointment

To fill a vacancy on the board, Ann King motioned to accept Jackie Alguire as a board member for a one year term.Seconded:Tim Lalonde.Unanimous-Carried.


Pierre Gratton (Association Manager) conducted the elections.

President - Tim Lalonde nominated Ann King.Seconded:John Alguire.Ann accepted the nomination.††† No other nominations - Acclaimed.

Vice President - To conform to the CDTBA Bylaws (Board of Directors - Eligibility), a phone call was placed to Jackie Alguire. Tim Lalonde nominated Jackie Alguire. Seconded: Ann King. Jackie accepted the nomination.†† No other nominations - Acclaimed.

7)Review of Previous Minutes

May 26, 2008 meeting.Motion to accept:Tim Lalonde.Seconded Monique Grenier.Unanimous-Carried.

8)Executive Reports

a)†† Presidentís Report.

Welcome to new board members.

Board resignation:Omer Labelle.

Introduction of Pierre Gratton, new Association Manager.

b)†† Association Manager

Marg Willis (outgoing Association Manager) - Financial report, Honor Scores for Pierre to check, CDTBA records to be given to the new Association Manager, Pierre Gratton.


Awards - Owen Labelle

Lane Inspections - Ann King

Tournaments - Tim Lalonde

Audit - John Alguire

Website - Pierre Gratton


10)Appointment of Youth Co-ordinator

John Alguire is appointed as the CDTBA Youth Co-ordinator.

11)Start of 2007/2008 Season

-Banking - change signing authority.

-Update website (Directors, averages, etc.)

-Average book - At McArthur - Pierre to update book at Galaxie.

-Ann to post sign on bulletin board for CDTBA leagues and start of season.

-Monitoring of membership (as last year).

-Key to drop box for Owen Labelle.

-CTF insurance form with payment and Directors report.

League kits and distribution†††††††††††††††††††††††††

-Set date for pickup and contact league secretaries,

-Honor Score Form.

-CDTBA letter for kits.

-Confirmation of fees:$21.00 Adult - $17.00 Youth.

-Remind leagues of rule changes and to update constitution,payment for membership (time).

-Award changes (Senior Awards, etc.).

-Childrenís Fitness Tax Credit.

-Duties of Treasurer - Rule 102f #5 - League Financial Statement and Awards List.

-Members pay one membership but fill out card in all leagues they bowl in.

12) Business Arising from Previous Minutes

CDTBA Local Awards

2007-2008 CDTBA local association awards will be ready for distribution in early September.

13)New Business

CTF Lane Inspector Workshop - Sunday, August 17, 2008.

Lane Inspections

McArthur Lanes - Sunday August 10, 2008.

Quill-O-Drome - September

Events for this season


-Coaching with Gerry Rodriquez

-CTF Certified Official Program

-NCCP Coaching

-Website Contest - discontinued

-Monthly Ball Draws - starting in October

-CMC Tournament Bid for 2010

14)Other Business

No other business.

15)Meeting Schedule

Next meeting - Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 7:00pm.


Motion to adjourn:by Tim Lalonde, seconded by Monique Grenier - Motion carried 9:15pm.