Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Annual General Meeting

April 7, 2009

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

Attendees - A list of attendees is attached at the end of the minutes.

1††† Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

2††† Introduction of the Board

Ann King (President) introduced the board members present:Pierre Gratton Ė Association Manager, Jackie Alguire Ė Vice-President, Tim Lalonde, Tracey Lalonde, John Alguire and Owen Labelle-Awards Chairperson.††

Regrets: Monique Grenier

3††† Agenda.

The published agenda was agreed to.Moved by Johanne Boucher, seconded by Joe Badali.Approved unanimously.

4††† Presidentís Welcome and Report

Ann King welcomed everyone to the AGM and reviewed The Presidentís Report (enclosed with AGM handout).

5††† Association Managerís Reports

Pierre Gratton reviewed The Association Managerís Reports (enclosed with AGM handout).

6††† Committee Reports

6.1 Tournament

††††† Tim Lalonde reviewed The Tournament Directorís Reports (enclosed with AGM handout).

††††† More tournaments for next season.Feedback requested from members.

6.2 Awards Committee

Pierre Gratton reviewed The Awards Report from Owen Labelle (enclosed with AGM handout).††Changes and new awards for next season.

7††† Ratification of Policy Decisions

In keeping with the CDTBA Bylaws, this meeting is required to ratify policy decisions by the board.

Note:As these are presented by the board for ratification, there is no need for a mover and a seconder.

7.1Association Manager

†††††††† The Association Manager will remain appointed by the Board for the coming year.


7.2 CTF and OTBA AGM Delegates

††††††††† The board proposes to defer selection of the CTF and OTBA AGM delegates to late in the

†††††††††† 2009/2010 season when location and schedules are known.The board will select the

††††††† ††delegates.

7.3 Fees

††††††††† The board proposes no change in fees for the 2009-2010 season.Fees will remain at $21

†††††††††† for adults and $17 for youth.

Policy decisions by the board ratified by a unanimous show of hands.

8††† Election of Directors Ė Pierre Gratton

There are five board positions for election, three for a full three year term and two for a one

year term.

Two nominations were received prior to the meeting:Ann King and Tim Lalonde.

Two nominations were received from the floor:Monique Cyr and Mario Lamothe.Both accepted the nomination.

All elected by acclamation.

The president will seek a candidate to appoint to the remaining position.

The following table shows the directors and their terms for the start of the 2009-2010 season.

Three Years

Two Years

One Year

Monique Cyr

John Alguire

Ann King

Mario Lamothe

Tracey Lalonde

Tim Lalonde


Monique Grenier

Pierre Gratton

9††† Questions and Closing Remarks


Roger Sarazin inquired as to the sum in the CDTBA bank account.He felt the association should use the funds to pay all memberships for the coming season and that the CDTBA should have near a nil balance at the end of each season.Pierre Gratton and Ann King explained that these funds originated from the amalgamation of the men, women and youth associations at the time of transition to CTF.A good portion of this money has been used to re-establish programs such as the certified lane inspection workshop, coaching and bowling clinics, local awards program and replacement of certain lane inspection equipment.It was also noted that all local membership dues are used for programs and activities in the season in which the dues were paid.

Inquiry as to the status of lane inspections.Ann King explained:Galaxie and McArthur both have CTF Conditional Certification.Galaxie has been re-inspected, the report has been forwarded to CTF and they should have certification shortly.McArthur Lanes is proceeding to rectify deficiencies and should be ready for re-inspection soon.



Closing Remarks - Ann King

Before closing and although Owen Labelle and Ray Bullard are not in attendance this evening, the board would like Owen to know how much we and the CDTBA members appreciate the great job he does as the awards chairperson and also commend Ray for his dedication to the Youth Program Ė Thank you.††††

I would like to thank the board members and volunteers for their support during the past season and thank-you for joining us this evening.Have a great summer and see you next season.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:Moved by Tracey Lalonde, seconded by Johanne Boucher. Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.




Presidentís Report

Association Managerís Report and Financial Statement

Tournament Report

Awards Report




Johanne Boucher

Jim Hutchinson

Joe Badali

David Wiskowski

Carole Auger

Mike Denis

Mario Lamothe

Tracey Lalonde

Monique Cyr

Pierre Gratton

Pierre Beaudoin

Ann King

John Alguire

Tim Lalonde

Jacqueline Alguire

Robert Allan

Guy Lafrance

Gary Lauzon

Dan Beauchamp

Marc Godin

Tim Brown

Stephan Parson

Omer Labelle

Aaron Guertin

Roger Sarazin

Marco Proulx