Capital District Tenpin Bowling Association

Special Membership Meeting

July 28, 2009

McArthur Lanes

Meeting Minutes

1)   Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.


2)   Attendees

Board Attendees:  Tim Lalonde, Ann King, Pierre Gratton and Tracey Lalonde.

Membership Attendees:  Mario Lamothe, Sandra Pichler, Denise Wagorn, Brigitte Sabourin and

Tim Brown.


3)   Purpose and Requirement of this Meeting

This meeting is called for the purpose of changing the CDTBA Bylaws to conform with the CTF   mandatory association bylaw format which is now required to renew the CDTBA CTF Charter as of

July 31, 2009.


Notice of this Special Membership Meeting was provided to league secretaries and posted at the bowling centres on July 14, 2009.


Members present constitute a quorum. 


The bylaws may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote at the annual or any special meeting of

members at which a quorum is present.


4)   Review of Bylaw Changes

Copies of current bylaws and proposed changes distributed.  Reading and discussion of all bylaws to be changed and to remain.


5)   Motion

Motion to approve all changes to the CDTBA Bylaws by Sandra Pichler.  Seconded by Tracey Lalonde.

For:  9

Against:  0

Abstain:  0




6)  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn:  Tracey Lalonde, seconded by Pierre Gratton - Motion carried 8:06 p.m.